AA 10% Coupon Contest Update

For those of you who entered the AA 10% Discount Certificates Contest, I have a few updates. There were originally 125 certificates, but I was able to obtain 75 more, bringing the total to 200 discount codes. The first 125 entries came in less than 30 minutes after the post went live. The remaining 75 winners sent their message within 45 minutes. If you did not receive an email this morning with your discount code, unfortunately you were not one of the winners. However, I’ll be having the same contest again on Friday March 14th and previous winners will be excluding from entering. Additionally, I normally receive a few of the codes back from genuinely wonderful readers who realize they cannot use the discount, but would like someone else to take advantage. I’ll be continuing down the list in order as these come in.

Congrats and safe travels to the winners!

AA Coupon


  1. a lot of us are old school and not into the entire social media thing. following you on a website is tough enough

  2. Can I ditto the no Twitter option? I also don’t particularly like social media (no FB account, either) but I enjoy following this blog.

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