Guess How Much Singapore Airlines Spends on Champagne Each Year?

Singapore Airlines touts itself as “the only company to offer the world’s two most prestigious champagnes: Dom Perignon and Krug Grande Cuvee”. The cost for those bragging rights? The airline spends around $22.5 million every year just on champagne and wine, with catering amounting to 5.5 percent of its total costs.

Check out the full article from Euronews – In the dogfight over posh airline food, the sky’s the limit

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  1. Seems trivial when you compare to a) US$15bn in annual revenue (bubbly and wine is about 15 basis points of their annual revenue) and b) the recent announcement by Emirates of a $500mm investment in wine. The latter, while not an annual figure, is over 20x SQ’s annual spend by a carrier with roughly 1.5x SQ’s revenue.

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