Major United Long-Haul Equipment Swaps for Summer 2015!

United has released their updated summer 2015 schedule and there are significant changes to aircraft on long-haul routes, especially with upgauges at Newark (EWR).

Courtesy of Airline Route:

Chicago – Beijing eff 18AUG15 UA 777-200ER replaces 747-400, daily service. Note this adjustment may be tentative

Hong Kong – Ho Chi Minh 03AUG15 – 01SEP15 Boeing 737-700 replaces -800 on 4 of 7 weekly flights

Honolulu – Tokyo Narita UA 777-200ER being replaced by following aircraft during selected periods:
04JUN15 – 01JUL15 747-400
02JUL15 – 17AUG15 787-9 (No First Class service offered)
eff 18AUG15 747-400

Houston – Frankfurt eff 04JUN15 CO 777-200ER replaces 787-8 (787-8 operates from 05MAR15)

Houston – Sao Paulo eff 04JUN15 UA 767-300ER replaces 777-200ER

Los Angeles – Tokyo Narita eff 06MAY15 Boeing 787-9 replaces -8, daily service

Newark – Barcelona Summer peak season operates with UA 767-300ER instead of CO 767-400ER, during following periods: 06MAY15 – 03JUN15, 01AUG15 – 17AUG15

Newark – Berlin Tegel 04JUN15 – 17AUG15 UA 767-300ER replaces CO 757, daily service

Newark – Frankfurt 01AUG15 – 23SEP15 UA 777-200ER replaces CO 767-400ER, daily service

Newark – Lisbon 04JUN15 – 17AUG15 UA 767-300ER replaces CO 757, daily service

Newark – London Heathrow eff 06MAY15 Boeing 787 beings operation on 1 of 5 daily service (1 daily CO 777, 3 daily UA 767, 1 daily CO 787. Schedule updated until 17AUG15)
UA114 EWR2155 – 1010+1LHR 788 D
UA111 LHR1600 – 1850EWR 788 D

Newark – Milan Malpensa eff 28MAR15 Summer season operates with UA 777-200ER, replacing CO 767-400ER

Newark – Paris CDG Operational aircraft changes
07APR15 – 05MAY15 UA 767-300ER (operating as UA904/905)
06MAY15 – 31JUL15 CO 767-400ER
01AUG15 – 17AUG15 CO 777-200ER
18AUG15 – 23SEP15 CO 767-400ER
eff 24SEP15 CO 757-200 UA054/055 04JUN15 – 31JUL15 CO 757-200 replaced by UA 767-300ER (operating as UA954/955)

Newark – Zurich eff 06MAY15 UA 767-300ER replaces CO 767-400ER

San Francisco – Chengdu 04JUN15 – 30AUG15 Increase from 3 weekly to daily, Boeing 787-8 operating

San Francisco – Shanghai Pu Dong eff 06MAY15 Introduction of 2nd daily service, reservation opened this weekend
UA857 SFO1325 – 1725+1PVG 744 D
UA891 SFO1440 – 1900+1PVG 777 D
UA858 PVG1205 – 0825SFO 744 D
UA890 PVG2100 – 1740SFO 777 D

Tokyo Narita – Singapore 18AUG15 – 23SEP15 747-400 replaces UA 777-200ER, daily service

Washington Dulles – Rome Service in Summer 2015 operates with CO 767-400ER, replacing UA 777-200ER, daily service

Washington Dulles – Sao Paulo eff 06APR15 UA 767-300ER replaces UA 777-200ER, daily service

Previously reported changes:
Chicago – Dublin 04JUN15 – 17AUG15 NEW seasonal daily 757 service
Guam – Shanghai Pu Dong eff 29MAR15 Boeing 737-700 replaces -800, operational day changes also in effect for this 2 weekly flights
Los Angeles – Shanghai Pu Dong eff 08MAY15 Boeing 787-9 operation (begins from 05MAR15) increases from 3 weekly to daily, replacing -8
Newark – Newcastle 22MAY15 – 06SEP15 NEW seasonal 5 weekly 757-200 service
Newark – Venice 04JUN15 – 23SEP15 NEW seasonal daily 767-400ER service
Washington Dulles – Paris CDG 04JUN15 – 17AUG15 NEW seasonal 2nd daily service by 757-200

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