American Boeing 787 For $81 Round Trip DFW – ORD

Here’s your chance to experience American’s new Boeing 787 for only $81 round trip! This route is being used for familiarization training for their pilots and flight attendants. My son and I flew this route back in May a few weeks after the inaugural flight and totally geeked out. The wing flex from inside the cabin is gorgeous!

Fares are available on select Tuesday’s in October and November, boxed in red below. Search for flight numbers #2332 for DFW – ORD departing at 08:30 and #2349 for ORD – DFW departing at 18:25.


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Adam S. is a contributor to Point Me to the Plane, former airline pilot and now corporate pilot. He is also a huge astronomy geek.


    • I could have worded that a lot better. I added the word familiarization in the post. All the emergency procedures are done in the simulator. The simulators are such high fidelity that you get your type rating in the simulator without being in the actual airplane. Airlines do have a SOE (Standard Operating Experience) requirement that pilots need to fly XX hours with a check airman before they can be a Pilot In Command. Although this could be done flying to/from Beijing, this shorter route allows the pilots to expereince more takeoffs and landings. This also helps flight attendants learn patterns for more efficient service.

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