About Chris Dong

I'm a New York City based 20-something with a love for flying, marketing, and consumer behavior. I always think the journey is as important as the destination, and to say yes to an unexpected adventure instead of experiencing the regret of missing out. I'm probably meditating on an airplane, looking up my next flight, or training for a marathon. I can be found on Instagram @thechrisdong taking self-gratuitous travel photos with the hashtag #TheFlightTaken.

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Captive Environment: Airplanes Are Becoming Experiential Marketing Pods

A soaring collab between Allbirds and Air New Zealand. Image by Air New Zealand

In marketing, the power of a captive audience is incredibly valuable. Distractions on-the-ground abound, and capturing shorter attention spans are becoming increasingly difficult. Having a product next to, or on, a potential customer who has no choice but to sit in a seat for hours is a golden opportunity. The Five Senses Onboard Let’s break…

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Trip Report: The ‘Nosebleed Seats’ On American’s 737 MAX

Last row on the 737 MAX. Image by Chris Dong

Every airline blog has covered American Airlines’ tortured new Boeing 737 ad nauseam. The tiny lavatories have been mocked from major news outlets to late night talk shows. The prevailing narrative: American’s newest 737s, the “MAX 8”, are about as customer friendly as a DMV office. Are these brand new airplanes really so bad? I…

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First 777X Rolls Out: Why This New Boeing Isn’t Going Anywhere

This 777X-9 rendering gives a glimpse at what this bird will look like in-air. Image by Boeing

Boeing rolled out the first fully assembled 777X aircraft at its factory in Everett, Washington this month. The latest and greatest from Boeing isn’t scheduled to be delivered to launch customers until early 2020. However, Boeing is in full-scale prep mode, and its first 777X off the line is almost fully functional—minus an engine and…

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Trip Report: Hong Kong Airlines A350 Business Class LAX to HKG (for ~$500)

My seat for the 15 hour journey, 18A. A "true" window seat. | Image by Chris Dong

A few weeks ago, the travel blogosphere lit up with a $500-and-change round-trip fare in long-haul business class from the U.S. to Asia. Business for the price of economy? A fully flat bed for the price of a sardine can seat? Yes and yes. I took this flight in late August as part of an epic…

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Review: Amex Centurion Suite at the 2018 US Open

Members Services desk at the American Express Centuroin Lounge, Miami. Source: American Express

American Express has set the bar pretty high when it comes to Platinum Card member benefits, including its much beloved Centurion Lounges, now at eight U.S. airports and Hong Kong. With tickets to this year’s US Open Tennis Championships, I was excited at the chance to see Amex’s latest lounge offering: the Amex Centurion Suite.…

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