Hilton Announces Their Newest HHonors Promotion for Stays from January-April 2016

Hilton’s Double Your HHonors promotion is returning for 2016 – the best part is that all hotels are participating!  An HHonors representative just disclosed this in an online post.


In the post, Lauren states:

Hi all, I’m happy to let you know that Double Your HHonors is back! We’ve opened registration even earlier this year so our members can get a head start on planning 2016 travel. The best part…ALL hotels are once again participating. And word on the street is that this will be the case for every big Bonus promotion, all year long. As a reminder, the Double Your HHonors promotion is a pick offer, so members can choose to earn Double HHonors Points or Double Miles with their preferred airline partner. Be sure to register here first and you’ll earn Double at every hotel from January 1 through April 30, 2016 with no minimum night requirement. Plus, if you have the Hilton HHonors™ Card from American Express or the Hilton HHonors™ Surpass® Card from American Express, you can earn an extra 1,000 HHonors Bonus Points when you use your Card at check-out on your 1st stay during the promotion period.

Registration details:

To register for this HHonors promotion, visit this website.

To register for both Double Your HHonors and the extra cardholder bonus, sign up here if you have the Hilton HHonors Card or here if you have the Hilton HHonors Surpass® Card.


    • Brad –

      If you look strictly at the base value of the extra HHonors points versus many of the Airline partners (using some of the readily available estimates of the value of hotel/airline reward points online), you are probably better off with the Airline points.

      However, a few questions are important. Like do you need to top off a specific program for a reward you want? If you are staying at Home2Suites, be aware that there is a low cap on the Airline points you can earn.

      I have previously used the Points & Miles program to keep Airline reward accounts active, but for this promotion, enrolled in Double Points because I have some planned travel that will burn my HHonors.

      • OK, since I have just under 10k hilton points, and am a Diamond member, I might go with HHonors to fill that up to a more respectable amount. I can always transfer the points into one of their partners, so it more flexible in the future, and I do not have a need for certain miles at this point.

  1. It’s not so simple. You are choosing 10 extra HHonors points over 1 extra airline mile. I can usually manage to get at least 0.5 cents value from an HH point so I’d have to be getting 5 cents or greater from airline mile value, which is not likely. Points for me on this one

  2. Sh– I registered for the wrong promo. I didn’t read your post carefully enough and clicked on the first link– and as I do have an Amex card it would not let me register for that afterwards and now I have to call to try to get it added manually. You might want to flip the links in your post or put that in bold for careless people like me who just scan and click.

  3. I think HH keeps extending this promo because they’ve realized HH points aren’t worth enough to convince road warriors to switch their stays.

    No triple points on weekends this time? Sorry Hilton, but HH points have so little value that even with double base points this still isn’t as valuable as the competition, even for me, and I’m a HH Diamond.

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