Win A Trip To Finland: ALL Expenses Paid!

by Shelli Stein

Happiness………we all want it and yet there are theories galore about how to be happy. Heck, I even write about my own take on happiness at my website.

If you’re a student of happiness, maybe you’ve heard or read that certain countries profess that their population is happy. And happier in comparison to other populations from other countries. Finland has long been one of those happiest-people-on-earth countries. And now the Finns are offering a masterclasses to help the rest of us be happier! Are you in?

Finland has held the title of happiest country for six years running. The ranking is from the World Happiness Report. Care to guess where the U.S. falls on this list? Did you guess 15th?

Just so you know, the World Happiness Report focuses on six factors to help explain its findings: social support, income, health, freedom, generosity and absence of corruption. Finland does have low levels of crime and corruption, efficient public services, and access to nature.

Naturally, people wonder why Finland ranks so high year after year. The answer I see offered most often is that Finns have a close relationship with nature and a down-to-earth lifestyle. They believe happiness is a skill that can be learned and shared.

The Finn goal is to “help people find and master that Finnish state of mind” — saunas and pine forests included. I love saunas and who isn’t happier after spending time in forests? This is sounding better and better, right?

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The Nordic country is hosting a four-day happiness masterclass in June, and its tourism board says 10 lucky applicants will get to go for free. Others will be able to study (and hopefully cheer up) virtually when the class becomes available online.

What the Finnish Happiness Masterclass Involves

The happiness course has four themes and is slated to run in mid-June 2023. It’s being held at a resort. Each participant will get their own villa and a private sauna and spa. Even the bedding has been approved by sleep specialists.

If you’re chosen to participate your costs including travel will be covered, but there is a twist to your attendance.

You can learn more here.

Are you outgoing and interested in wellbeing and Finnish nature? Do you have an open mind? Are you free in mid-June and up for a big dose of happiness?

The application process is a creative one and requires a bit of effort. The deadline is April 2, so act fast. Good luck, and may your inner Finn come out in pure joy and happiness, and may you pay it forward to the rest of us!

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Fin March 29, 2023 - 1:01 pm

From where to start…
That is the most biggest “fake news” about most happiest people in the world.
Finland is a tax hell. Low crime rate is a myth, street violence problem is huge, according to police. 95% of street gang members are non-Finns. Secondary education level is downhill with big amount of school violence between the pupils. There are thousands of peoples in the same queque for healthcare services(from yesterday election debate).
Corruption level is low and sauna culture is good.

Shelli March 29, 2023 - 3:44 pm

Thanks for adding to the conversation, Fin. You never really can tell from these lists.


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