NYC Reveals Subway Car of the Future – Wifi, Charging Stations, & Open Design

Earlier this week, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) revealed plans to purchase 10 open gangway cars for two trains as part of a test to potentially implement the open train design in 2020. NYC would join London, Paris, and Toronto who already have trains that allow passengers to roam from one car to the next. Officials say the open train design could increase passenger capacity by 10%. The trains will replaces some of the oldest cars on the A and F subway lines. The trains will also come equipped with wifi and charging stations.

One MTA board member wasn’t so sure about the benefits according to the New York Daily News

“It’s great benefit to salespersons, performers and others,” he said, “but I’m just wondering what you think it is for riders.”


Courtesy: MTA


Courtesy: MTA


  1. Is the board member implying that people other than business people and actors don’t want to charge their devices? That’s pretty odd–seems like a win-win for everyone.

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