Airline Manages To Lose Their… Passengers?

Many of us have had the unfortunate experience of an airline losing our luggage.  However, Pakistan International Airlines has one upped that by managing to lose track of where many of their passengers are at the moment.


Bloomberg has reported that amidst a serious strike by workers who are against privatization plans, Pakistan International Airlines has had to cancel approximately 200 flights within the past week.  As a result, a spokesperson for Pakistan International Airlines has told Bloomberg that they “have no data available on how many and where passengers with confirmed PIA tickets are waiting, because the entire system is shut, servers are down and no booking is being done.”

It has been estimated that Pakistan’s largest airline has roughly 2,500 passengers stranded across Europe and North America, but those numbers may underestimate the true severity of the problem.  Pakistan International Airlines has been working with Etihad Airways and is talking with Turkish Airlines to fly passengers stranded in Europe, the U.S., and Canada.  In addition, Saudi Arabia Airlines is also helping by flying back 2,000 passengers from Jeddah.

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