This Great Pic Says It All – Pimps, Money Laundering, Drunks, and Coke Mules at Delta, American, United, & JetBlue

There have been a lot of airline employees behaving badly lately and this summary graphic from Trolleydolly does a great job of summarizing their crimes.

Delta:  Delta employee arrested with more than $282,000 in backpack

American:  American Airlines Pilot Who Authorities Say Failed Breathalyzer Test Is Charged

United: United Airlines Pilot Busted for Running Brothels – “Pilot Pimp”

JetBlueDad defends JetBlue beauty amid cocaine drama



  1. The movie “Flight” with Denzel comes to mind here. I imagine someone in Hollywood is already at work on a story for a movie.

    It’s somewhat surprising to me the severity of their infractions. They work in a highly, highly regulated industry that has security checks and lots of press constantly.

    Did they really just wake up one day and be like, “Hmm…yeah I don’t see any potential issues bringing this cocaine with me today.”

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