When Will The World’s Largest Hotel Finally Be Opened?

The Abraj Kudai in Mecca, Saudi Arabia has long been hyped because it is anticipated to become the world’s largest hotel, by total room count. Previously, it had been scheduled for completion by 2017.

However, construction of this hotel, which is estimated to cost $3.5 billion, has been slowed dramatically by low oil prices. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Finance is the owner of this property and their precarious financial situation relies heavily on oil prices. Recently, they fired thousands of employees and stopped work on several important projects, including the Abraj Kudai.

Did you have plans to check out this mega hotel upon completion?


  1. It’s eventually gonna be in Mecca. Islam’s holiest city and off limits to non-Muslims.Seems to be designed for high-end customers making the hajj.

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