Poor Alcohol Metabolization Leads to Groping of Female Passenger on Alaska Airlines

You may remember back in May when a female passenger on AS flight 621 from Las Vegas (LAS) to Portland (PDX) was arrested for apparently groping another female passenger.

Miss McKinney did so with the intent to humiliate and harass the victim,’ said Assistant US Attorney Ravi Sinha at US District Court in Portland. ‘(She) both made contact with victim’s body, including her inner thigh, and made a series of profane and lewd statements to the victim.

Well, her day in court finally came on Friday and the passenger was charged with sexual abuse and entered a guilty plea. The maximum penalty is 10 years and a $250K fine. However, the Daily Mail reports that both attorneys plan to recommend a three year probation sentence. Formal sentencing is scheduled for June 19th.

Also of interest, the passenger’s fiance told jail officers that poor alcohol metabolization likely played a role.

“…McKinney does not metabolize alcohol like most people and ‘this is what happens’…”

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