Passengers Hilariously Ask How to Opt out of New “In-Flight Live Concert Amenity”

Southwest announced earlier this week that the airline’s newest entertainment amenity will be in-flight live concerts. The airline is set to expand its pop-up Live at 35 in-air concerts to a full lineup thanks to an agreement with Warner Music Nashville.

Perhaps the most popular aspect of the agreement is the continuation of the Live at 35 in-air concert series, as well as the Opry at the Southwest Porch at Bryant Park series of summer concerts. Launched as a curiosity in 2011, the Live at 35 series has only grown in popularity over the past six years, as Southwest passengers hope that their flight will be one of the lucky ones to feature a sure-to-go-viral performance

Of course, there’s some fantastic social media reaction! Customers are asking how they can opt out, and one response pricelessly tells them to pay $100 more to fly with another carrier!


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