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Say What? The Rudest & Dumbest Things Said to Flight Attendants

Passengers say the darnedest things…all of these are quoted from actual passengers by the flight attendants who witnessed them: 1) “I’m going to write a complaint letter about you! You like to read? Because obviously you don’t like going to the gym.” Former flight attendant Shawn Kathleen, creator of Passenger Shaming, recalls this bitter response from…

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Jungle Survival & Other Unique Courses Airlines Require Flight Attendants to Attend

Becoming a flight attendant isn’t all about in-flight safety, water evacuations, and meal service training. Some airlines have truly unique required courses…like TAM’s jungle survival techniques. Courtesy of Jaunted‘s Five Extremely Unique Ways Airlines Train Their Flight Attendants: TAM – If you’re ever stuck in a jungle and need shelter, food, and a reassuring word while waiting for…

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What Every EU Country Is the Worst At…all 28 members

Thrillist has listed out the flaws for each of the European Union’s 28 member countries in their “What Every EU Country is the Worst At” list. For the occasional tourist, the majority of these won’t impact your visit: France: Lowest English proficiency To no one’s surprise, France has Europe’s lowest English proficiency. Somewhere, a guy eating…

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The 99 Problems with Flying

On this blog we often discuss the reasons why we love flying and how to fly more often…granted points and miles allow us to book into Business / First and avoid some of the frustrations listed in the “99 Problems with Flying” from Thrillist. Unfortunately, you’ll still run into many of these whether you are sitting up front or…

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