5x UR Points with MasterCard Gift Card Rebates this Week – No Fees via OfficeMax Promo

Having trouble finding those Vanilla Reloads or using a credit card? OfficeMax has a promotion running this week whereby your receive an instant $10 rebate per card after purchasing two $50 MasterCard gift cards. The cards normally carry a $4.95 activation fee per card or $9.90 for the two, so with the $10 rebates you’ll be making $10.10 on the transaction (Update – Reader Justin reports that OfficeMax updated their registers this morning and now the rebate is for every two cards not per card (probably the original intention), meaning you come out on top by .10). More importantly, you’ll be earning almost 500 UR points for every two cards you purchase with 5x points at OfficeMax using your Ink Bold/Ink Plus cards. While you can’t load the value from these cards directly to a Bluebird card, you can sign up for Amazon Payments which has no PayPal style fees on the first $1000 sent/received per month and allows you to make payment/transfer funds to “friends and family”. Several readers have been able to buy multiple sets of cards in one store visit (only 2 per transaction though to get the rebate).

Important, while authorizing the card, Amazon Payments places a temporary hold of up to $1 on the account, preventing you from transferring the full balance on the card. To avoid this, you may want to make a typo on the expiration date when first entering your account details on the add an account page. Then, when you are ready to send funds, realize your mistake and fix the expiration date prior to sending payment for the full amount.

The promotion expires this Saturday. Full promo details here (click weekly ad and check out page six).

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  1. It is actually $10 instant rebate per gift card. After taking account of the activation fee of $9.90, you make $10.10. I bought 6 sets of 2 $50 MC GC.

    • @Richard – Thanks, I updated but have now switched back as OfficeMax updated their registers this morning to reflect only one rebate for every 2 cards.

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