Trip Report – SWISS Business JFK-Zurich(ZRH) A330 – Best Fillet In-Flight?

This is part one of a six part trip report from my travels to Slovenia and Serbia. This report includes a review of SWISS Business class from JFK to Zurich and from Zurich to JFK as well as the SWISS Lounge @ JFK .

SWISS operates the SWISS Lounge at JFK Terminal 4 which is located outside of security. As a business class passenger and Star Alliance Gold member I was directed to the right side of the lounge, while first class passengers occupy the left side. The lounge was crowded but I was able to find two big leather seats near the windows overlooking the tarmac. The seats were comfy and had double stacked power outlets on both sides.

There were several hot dish selections including chicken, pasta, and veggies. While cold selections included salad, cheeses, and fruit. My chicken dish below was randomly delicious, I might have gone back more than once!

The lounge was comfortable, the food was good, and the wifi was fast. The only negative was that the lounge is located prior to security and you therefore have to make sure you give yourself enough time to get through the security check and reach the gate.

Boarding was prompt and I found my seat in the final row of business. Seating is 1-2-1 and while there were seats next to someone closer up, I preferred one of the single seats.  As I was putting my bag in the overhead, the flight attendant came over and handed me the menu, an amenity tin, and took my coat. The seats have a homey feel with a classic fabric pattern and wood trimming.

The amenity kit reminded me of a pencil case and it was pretty cool…though there wasn’t much inside. Ear plugs, eye-mask, lip balm, socks, toothpaste, and a toothbrush.


The in-flight entertainment included a 12.1″ screen and at least 20 on-demand movies, TV shows, and the classic flight map.

There was no USB charger but there was an outlet for charging. Unfortunately, I left my MacBook Air charger plugged in upon deplaning and had to pick up a new one in Slovenia.

The menu included dinner and breakfast options. The breakfast section was a tear-off card and you could select different smoothies and food options. You hand the card to the flight attendant as they take your dinner order.

I went with the fillet of beef as my main choice and I think it was the best fillet I’ve ever had in-flight…better than any Asian airline. Normally the fillet is dry or overcooked, but this was juicy, warm, and closer to medium-rare, check out the second picture below.

The seat fully reclines into a lie-flat bed and it was nice to have a full size pillow and a large duvet. I found the bed to be very similar to the Alitalia A330 bed.

Breakfast with my choice selection card. Quality strawberry smoothie…

The flight was comfortable and the food was good. Service was helpful during service times, though I didn’t see the flight attendants otherwise.

The flight back to New York had the same quality food and comfortable bed. Service was about the same, definitely prompt and helpful but nothing over the top.

I went with the spiced chicken for lunch…unfortunately I forgot to take a picture until half way through…SORRY!

Snack time…

SWISS in-flight Business experience:

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  1. Haha this steak looks raw, not rare. If anyone made it like this on masterchef, Joe Bastianich would throw it into the garbage bin and Gordon Ramsay would bury his face in his hands. 🙂 They are overreaching! A lot of the other food looks great, thanks for the report!

  2. A medium-rare or rare steak IS essentially raw or uncooked in the middle. And Gordon Ramsey would not call it raw. I’d refer you to a video of him blowing up at a customer who complained after ordering a well-done steak and him explicitly stating a proper steak needs to be medium-rare but I’m too lazy to find it.

    • @modhop – 12.1″ is small for business, though I guess it’s bigger than Delta’s BusinessElite PTV on the 777-200LR which is only 10.6″

  3. Rather than hope that LH releases 2 F seats AMS-BOS 14-/+ days out I decided to book Swiss C. It means no FRA/MUC lounge but glad to hear the flight experience is decent. Plus I won’t have to wonder when the F seats will open (and I save $75 x 2).

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