Delta JFK T4 Opening – Tons of Pics & Video & My Favorite Things…Especially the Sky Deck

Yesterday, was awesome, I had a great time at the Delta JFK T4 opening! The extension (and especially the Sky Club) are beautiful. In fact, I had such fun that I have well over 150 photos and over twenty videos. I also made it a point to sample everything 0ut in the new terminal. As such, I’ll be posting two separate entries on the opening. Here’s post one, which includes my favorite things in the new T4. Post two will include additional pictures and videos of the terminal and of the opening celebbraitons, including meeting and chatting with Richard Branson, Delta CEO – Richard Anderson, and KLM CEO – Peter Hartman (some surprises as to who was friendliest and most interested to hear from a frequent traveler). Part two will also include the  ribbon cutting, DL launch flight 173 to Tokyo, and celebrity guests.

My Favorite Things in T4

1.) Delta’s 24,000-square-foot flagship Delta Sky Club with the first ever Sky Deck outdoor terrace. Simply said, the lounge is “best in class” for US based carriers. We are talking sit-down table service with iPad menus, “to-go” ordering via iPad kiosks, tons of space, shiny new showers, great power and connectivity options at each seat, and workstations with fantastic views. However, my favorite part of the Sky Club had to be the Sky Deck, it’s fantastic, they did an amazing job! I felt like I was on a rooftop in New York City, but with better views (for an aviation enthusiast anyway). Detailed reviews on each of these in part two, but for now here’s a taste of each.

Look at this power…

Now, let’s get outside…on the Sky Deck

Richard Branson and Richard Anderson enjoying the Sky Deck…

One of the most shocking things for me in the Sky Lounge was the amount of passengers taking advantage of the dining options, and no they weren’t just media types trying out the service. I spoke with several passengers who said the options looked and tasted great and were reasonably priced (see the video below for pricing). There’s sit-down service (yes, with a hostesses and all) as well as iPad kiosk to-go service. The sit-down service includes formal tables with candles, formal silverware and glassware, and waiter service. All ordering is done via iPad menus, though the server is there to provide advice, take non-alcoholic drink orders, and deliver your food. The “to-go” service has the same menu but after ordering you can go sit anywhere (except on the Sky Deck). You’re given a buzzer and the server locates you to deliver your food when it’s ready.

Sit-Down Service…

Ordering food –

Ordering drinks –

To-Go Service Kiosks…


OK, believe it or not, this is just a sample of my Sky Club pictures and reviews. More details in post three or see all 178 pictures here.

2)Within the new terminal I really liked:

The power options at each seat, two outlets and four USB ports…

There’s also four outlets on the floor…

One cool thing I noted, is that even the renovated Delta gates located in the older part of T4 have the new seating and the same power and USB ports!

Danny Meyer’s Shake Shack & Blue Smoke restaurants as well as a few other upscale choices – La Brea Bakery, Cake Tin, and Uptown Brasserie. If you plan on getting food from Shake Shack, note that the lines early today (when the terminal was still relatively empty) were about ten minutes and then there was an additional ten minute or so wait once you placed your order (all food is freshly made). I can’t imagine what they’ll be on a full schedule day. There were numerous Delta employees and TSA agents at all options, but the Cake Tin had a long liner than Shake Shack with female employees ordering gourmet cupcakes.

…and Hudson News now goes by just Hudson in the T4 extension…

The terminal widens as soon as you enter the new section and there is clearly better lighting, more space, and newer flooring. Let’s be clear though, the extension is very nice for the US and a great update, but you certainly won’t think you’re at one of the top tier terminals in Asia. You’ve also got quite a walk to the extension, Rep. Joe Crowley from NY joked at the opening “I did need a plane ride to get from the entrance to here today”.

Who remembers what used to be here?

Yes, it was that horrible security check-point of course! All gone now and replaced with a renovated Delta gate. The new security area upstairs has a much more efficient design and puts the Swiss and Oasis Lounge behind security… a huge improvement!

The old walkway to the lounges, now completely secured…

I also really liked the Sky Priority check-in area…

…and then a sad scene, the Pan Am Worldport (Terminal 3) sits quiet and empty while removal of the Delta sign has already begun…

Posts two and three on the way or see all 178 pictures in the meantime here.

Up next, pictures and videos of the best parts of attending the opening, including meeting and chatting with Richard Branson, Delta CEO – Richard Anderson & KLM CEO – Peter Hartman, opening festivities, official ribbon cutting, DL launch flight 173 to Tokyo, and celebrity guests.

…they are tall!

Check out part two of the T4x review here.

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  1. Did the new Sky Club have the same complimentary undrinkable swill as all the other Sky Clubs or was there no complimentary food and beverage at all?

  2. Nice report and pictures. Thanks!
    Can’t wait to see it in about five weeks.
    One question, though, regarding the showers. On that one picture I only see shampoo and conditioner. Now shower gel? Just a soap bar nobody uses anymore since when?
    Anyway, everything looks great!

    • @Ralfinho – Thanks! Yes, unfortunately there was no shower gel, just bar soap. Enjoy your trip over and your time in the Sky Club and make sure you get out on the Sky Deck!

  3. Those three men must be very tall like at least 6’3″ for sure as you did look like small by them. Sorry about my comment before that but 5’10” still very acceptable…you are still my fantasy LOL But what’s on earth to mosaic you face? Your pictures are all over the internet…

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