Pretty Amazing Wake-Up Views @ the Conrad Maldives

Pretty amazing wake up views at the Conrad Maldives… full trip in the coming weeks.

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  1. Since Fukushima, all I think about is what a death trap such low lying islands like the Maldives will be when the next big one hits. I’ll stick to islands with some elevation to them…

  2. Looks kinda boring, actually.

    The magic of travel for me is the exposure to new cultures – to different ways of life.

    Paying exorbitant amounts of money to be able to take pictures of clear water to prove to your friends how amazing your vacation was so they know how awesome of a person you are is… ridiculous.

    • @Jonathan – Don’t really understand your comment as everyone has their own travel interests and it’s ok to like more than one type. I love experiencing new cultures and having unique experiences with locals …away from chain hotels and as such have been lucky enough to visit 73 countries. However, I also truly enjoy relaxing beach vacations. Two very different things – both highly enjoyable for me. We paid nothing for the flights or hotel rooms, all booked on points so your exorbitant amount of money comment really makes no sense nor does your comment about the clear water (the vaca is about relaxation for me, not showing off). Btw the Conrad Hilton has one of the most amazing live coral reefs in the Maldives…simply not viewable from our room.

  3. I have to agree, sorry to rain on your parade, it is kinda boring. The ocean floor is bare, unlike that in Park Hyatt Maldives. It seems all the looks, but nothing more.

    Anyways, hope you enjoy it, nonetheless.

    • @flyer708 – These pics are what I see when I wake up. The Conrad has one of the most amazing live coral reefs in the Maldvies. It’s simply not viewable from our room. Have a great time, thanks!

      • @Adam please prove me wrong! Mrs. wanted to go there ever since our visit oh Park Hyatt Maldives. Enjoy your stay! Gorgeous weather.

        • @flyer708 – After snorkeling at the “house reef” here three times now (and as a certified diver), I can honestly say that the Conrad reef is excellent. Yep, been very lucky with the weather.

  4. Hope you’re enjoying your trip; Conrad Rangali Island is a beautiful place! We hope you can stop blogging about it long enough to savor your surroundings.

    Also, everyone from the US at cocktail hour is also using points, and we’re
    well versed with the system. You don’t need to drone on about them and your blog so audibly with your Boston friends every day.

    Just remember, haters gonna hate!

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