25K SkyMiles for $41.95, 50K Fidelity – Best Mileage Offer 2012-2013?

Back in the day there seemed to be multiple mega miles offers that required minimal spend. However, looking back over my posts from 2012-2013, there were few if any “easy” offers above the 5,000 mile mark…besides credit card sign-up bonuses that is. The 25,000 SkyMiles offer for $41.95, which never even officially went live, was one of the best offer over the last two years. There was also the multiple Fidelity 50K bonuses, though those required a bit more work but were certainly obtainable for multiple airlines – Fidelity 50K Bonus Received for AA & UA, DL & Apple Options Too.

This year we also saw the 7,500 TrueBlue Points (Enough for a One-Way Award) New Member Promo, the .99 NYT offers for multiple airlines (which were a pain to actually get the miles to post and then again to cancel the membership) – Easy Miles – 1500 AA, 1400 UA, 1000 DL, & 950 US, multiple easy dining promos for 500 – 2013 miles 500-2013 Bonus Miles with AA,DL,US,UA,HH, and PC, and then of course the 25,000 SkyMiles offer from Vinesse Wine Club. The offer never officially went public, but instead was accessible by changing the web address to a marketing link that had not yet approved but had gone live on the server. A few lucky readers were able to take advantage of the unintentionally published promo before the link was taken down – 25,000 SkyMiles for $41.95 with Vinesse Wine Club and did get their miles posted after a long battle with the company (FYI – Vinesse is shady even on their standard offers).

Essentially, the web address to earn 5,000 SkyMiles for signing up for the wine delivery service needs to be changed to bring up the 25,000 mile offer. Regular address – https://www.vinesse.com/deltalto0912b/index.cfm?src=deltalto0912b Updated address – https://www.vinesse.com/deltalto0912f/index.cfm?src=deltalto0912f

It looks like this might be a test page that mistakenly went live, so no guarantee on how many SkyMiles you’ll actually receive, though I would certainly take a screen-print of the 25k offer!

As a Delta SkyMiles® Member This Offer to Discover Amazing Wines is Just For You
The best way to learn about great wines is to sample great wines. And now you can collect 25,000 miles as you savor hand-selected shipments of limited-production wines. Your first shipment of 6 wines is $41.94 (that’s 50% off) with only 1? shipping. You’ll receive 20,000 miles with your first shipment, 5,000 miles with your second shipment and 5 miles for every dollar spent on all other wine club shipments and orders. Also, as a thank you, you’ll receive a 6-piece Wine tote in your third shipment — a $37.95 value. Each month, you’ll receive a new shipment of 6 captivating wines at just $12-$15 per bottle (plus delivery).It’s an exceptional opportunity to try little-known wines which rarely appear on the shelves of local stores. Plus, you’ll get valuable bonus miles with every shipment.

Going back another two years we had the amazing Suntrust offer from the Frugal Travel Guy and his friends at the Hilton Head Island branch offering a generous sign-up bonus for obtaining a debit card…but then an additional 10K for each authorized user you added to the account, all for $55. Those user cards only required a first and last name with a DOB and “last 4 of SSN”, no personal details, addresses, SSNs, etc. It was simply fantastic! http://www.frugaltravelguy.com/2010/09/25000-delta-miles-for-new-chceking.htmlhttp://www.frugaltravelguy.com/2010/09/suntrust-25k-and-15k-delta-miles.htmlhttp://www.frugaltravelguy.com/2010/09/word-of-caution-on-suntrust-debit-cards.html.

How about a real blast from the past?

Someone was recently asking me how I got into the miles game and my response was that I became addicted to the famous Z25A AA/MCI 25,000 offer.  Who remembers this amazing promo that was good on American, Continental, and Delta? It was a time when the top songs on the radio were Baby One More Time, Mambo No 5, Blue (Da Ba Dee), No Scrubs, and Heartbreaker!!!

Courtesy of Mileage Workshop circa  fall 1999

How crazy is that? You had to call MCI to register haha, there was no online sign-up! Yes, so essentially for every phone line you switched to MCI, you received 25,000 miles. The best part about the deal? You could repeat it over and over again and in New York you could sign up for their lowest level of service which was under $9.99 a month. Here’s how I worked it:

  • Switched my parents home phone line from Verizon to MCI…I’m sure they didn’t mind.  25,000 miles 
  • Switched my dad’s office line from Verizon to MCI, I’m sure he didn’t mind either (don’t worry the miles were shared with them). 25,000 miles
  • Signed up for a 3rd limited calling line from Verizon for $3.99 a month with free installation. Called MCI and activated their local services on the line, also at a minimum usage of $5.29 a month. 25,000 miles
  • Miles posted to each of the accounts as follows – 5,000 bonus miles each month for the first 5 months. MCI WorldCom awarded 2,500 and American awarded the other 2,500 miles. 75,000 miles total
  • At the end of the 5 months, I would call MCI and explain that I wanted to stay with them but I really wanted to receive the 25k miles promo again without canceling, otherwise I would be switching to AT&T. A supervisor was always involved who would OK the deletion of the current account and then the creation of a new account (with the same phone numbers) and re-registration for the 25k promo. A new MCI calling card and pin would arrive about 7 days later. EASY!!! 75,000 miles again for the three lines. Repeat one more time, another 75,000 miles
  • I focused on American but you could switch to Continental or Delta as well. I was able to run through the promotion three times for a total of a quarter million miles before the bonus was lowered to 5,000 miles per line around Y2K.  The miles for the most part posted automatically, however sometimes you had to spend a good 20-30 minutes on the phone with MCI in order to get your points. Unfortunately, the sign-up bonus kept dropping from 5,000 to 2,500 to 1,500 and then there was the Worldcom scandal and bankruptcy.

Sprint ran a similar promotion circa 1999 with Northwest

Courtesy of Mileage Workshop circa  fall 1999

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    • @Shannon – Not sure what you’re getting at, those offers were also published on BA and Flyertalk. Anyway, have a very Happy New Year! Best for 2014 🙂

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