Joe’s BBQ Blue Ridge, GA – TripAdvisor’s #1 Rated BBQ. Review From A Kansas City Native

Last weekend we took advantage of some unseasonably cooler weather and drove the family truckster up to the picturesque town of Blue Ridge in the North Georgia mountains to sample the TripAdvisor #1 rated bbq joint in America, Joe’s BBQ.

As a Kansas City native (now living in Atlanta) and having resided in Memphis briefly, I am a bit of a BBQ snob, here is my review.

Bikes & BBQ

Bikes & BBQ

Getting There

Joe’s is in Blue Ridge, GA, a pleasant 1.5 hour mostly highway drive from Atlanta.

The Town

Blue Ridge is a one stop light, single street town well past it’s heyday of yesteryear. The town adapted and is now a tourist destination, with knick-knack and boutique shops. It is also home to the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway.

IMG_20150913_143127133_HDR IMG_20150913_143133727_HDR

The Service

The service was awesome. Joe himself was there hosting and helping.

My son and Joe

My son and Joe


The Food

The Meat —     4-star-rating

The meat was favorable and moist (hate that word). I would have liked the smoke to penetrate the meat a bit more, but it still had excellent flavor.

Terrible Pic

Terrible Pic

The Sides —     3.5-star-rating

I was a bit disappointed with the sides. The mac & cheese was ordinary, but good. The beans in my opinion had too strong of an onion taste.

As you can see from my daughters shirt, she enjoyed the mac & cheese.

As you can see from my daughter’s shirt, she enjoyed the mac & cheese.

The Sauces —    4-star-rating

Joe’s has 4 sauces:

Mild — My favorite and Memphis style

Spicy — Memphis style with a bit of kick

Mom’s — Carolina style

Hot — Tabasco style

IMG_20150913_140313212 IMG_20150913_141939508

The Cost

We had 2 pork platters plus drinks and 2 kid meals which cost $35.74 ($41.10 with tip).

The Best In America?

Overall, Joe’s is easily the best BBQ joint I have eaten in Georgia and I will be back. The best in America though, no I don’t think so.

Next Review

Next month I am headed to KC for a BBQ pilgrimage. Be on the lookout for a review of the TripAdvisor #2 rated BBQ joint, ironically named Joe’s as well and my personal favorite. We’ll also be having a sauce giveaway on the blog!

Adam S. is a contributor to Point Me to the Plane, former airline pilot and now corporate pilot. He is also a huge astronomy geek.

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  1. Hey, as a current KC native, not sure when you’ve been back last…but might throw Q39 out there. The brisket was crazy delicious. It’s new(ish?) but beat out Joe’s by a hair imho. Waits can be just as bad…the place is hip or something. And its tough to beat gas station bbq! (no affiliation with any of these places, btw)

    • Thanks for the recommendation Paul! Mark below recommended a possible meatup (instead of meetup). I will be in KC on the 6th and the 7th and will put out a post to see if there is any interest.

  2. The emergence of Q39 just goes to show that BBQ is a thriving industry in Kansas City. I would need multiple taste tests between Joe’s and Q39 to pick a winner. 🙂

    • Haha a meat up, I love it! I would be down for a meatup if there was is interest. I will be up in KC on the October 6th and 7th.

  3. As a KC resident I would have to say Joe’s KC (or whatever oklahoma joe’s is going by these days) has the best meats but best beans has to go to jack stacks.

    • Good call James! Mark above recommended a possible meatup (instead of meetup). I will be in KC on the 6th and the 7th and will put out a post to see if there is any interest.

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