Is Your City Home To The Drunkest NFL Fans?

The Breathalyzer company BACtrack spent the past 6 weeks collecting data from anonymous samples sent in by fans who were using the BACTrack app on their phones.  According to their study, it turns out that Buffalo Bills fans had the highest BAC levels of any NFL team: an average of .076 through the first seven weeks of the NFL season.


The company then collected data on Sundays between Sept. 13 and Oct. 25 to try and accurately gauge how much fans were drinking.  Only samples sent in between 6 a.m. on Sunday and 5:59 a.m. on Monday counted toward the study.  The study also found that fans tend to be drinking more when they cheer for a team that hasn’t had much on-field success recently. CBSSports noted that the six fan bases that drink the most – Bills, Lions, Eagles, Browns, Cardinals, Chargers fans – all cheer for teams that have never won a Super Bowl.

Their ranking by BAC:

1. Bills (.076)
2. Lions (.069)
3. Eagles (.069)
4. Browns (.064)
5. Cardinals (.062)
6. Chargers (.062)
7. Dolphins (.061)
8. Colts (.059)
9. Redskins (.058)
10. 49ers (.056)
11. Bears (.054)
12. Panthers (.053)
13. Chiefs (.046)
14. Vikings (.046)
15. Steelers (.045)
16. Falcons (.043)
17. Packers (.042)
18. Patriots (.041)
19. Cowboys (.039)
20. Seahawks (.038)
21. Broncos (.037)
22. Ravens (.036)
23. Texans (.035)
24. Giants (.033)
25. Saints (.021)
26. Titans (.021)
27. Bengals (.015)

Note that teams from Jacksonville, Tampa Bay, NY Jets, Oakland, and St. Louis were not analyzed.

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  1. I know these stats are wrong because Green Bay is #17. Anyone who’s been to Lambeau knows that its at least top 3. Outdoors, in the cold, in the drunkest state in America…. the people there drink their pants off. Our drunkest fans were probably too drunk to work the app lol.

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