Update: Concerning New AAdvantage Award Availability Trend


A couple of weeks ago we wrote about a concerning AAdvantage award availability trend we had noticed. In sum, instead of opening award availability for their own flights 331 days out or so American Airlines was not opening award availability on most of their own flights (including pretty much all of their premium cabin long-haul flights) until about 300 days out, a full month behind when you can book AAdvantage awards with AA partners. This new trend, which has mostly continued, obviously causes serious problems for those looking to book AAdvantage awards that must include at least one segment on AA metal. It turns out the problem is even worst than we originally thought.

On Saturday Gary wrote about how there wasn’t a single saver level AA award seat available on AA metal for the first two weeks of January 2017, which should already be available. Therefore, while you can at least find a small number of available saver level seats on AA metal for the last two weeks of December 2016, once the calendar hits January 2017, there isn’t a single seat available. Period.

I have no idea what is going on here, but with the devAAluation only a month away, this new AAdvantage availability trend is becoming more and more concerning.

If you do have success booking an AAdvantage long-haul premium cabin saver level award on AA metal between 300 and 331 days out or any saver level award for 2017, please share it in the comments sections.

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    • Tom, there are two updates: 1. The trend we noticed a couple of weeks has continued and 2. Things have gotten worse as there is no availability at all for 2017. Not sure why that was not clear.

  1. I called in and managed to get a seat opened up for a flight I want in 2017. Saaver award on hold and apparently doesn’t need to be ticketed for another 330 days.

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