Delta: “We’re Going Back to India & Mideast When We Defeat Gulf Carriers” – 15 Minute Video Released

Delta has released a very long 15 minute video on why competition from the Gulf carriers is unfair, with everyone from CEO Ed Bastian on down pleading the case for the US 3. Delta even says that they are heading back to India and the Middle East once they win the fight.

“When we win this fight, we’re going to go back to India. We’re going to go back to be able to fly back to the Middle East. We’re going to be able to add jobs, lots of jobs. We are going to be able to add new longhaul airplanes to support that growth. And that’s just the start.”

Delta ended service in March 2015 from Amsterdam to Mumbai and prior to that canceled flights from JFK and Atlanta. Meanwhile, American’s flight from Chicago to Delhi was also canceled.

Back in February 2016, Delta ended its Atlanta-Dubai flight saying that the airline could not compete with subsidized service. Since then, Qatar Airways started Doha-Atlanta service. The video of course includes a mischievous looking Akbar Al Baker, CEO Qatar Airlines with the quote – “We launched the Atlanta flight to rub salt in the wounds of Delta.”

 You can check out the full video below, what are your thoughts?

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  1. Competition is good and healthy. If AA/DL/UA don’t want to fly to India or Middle East, fine with me. As long as the ME3 continue to provide better service on better planes at better fares, they will continue to kick AA/DL/UA butt.
    Btw it costs twice as much to fly NYC to Detroit than NYC to Italy. Only one ME3 flight to Italy.

  2. 100% rubbish from Delta, one of the biggest bullies of the world who would not be as big as they are today without subsidies. This makes me dislike Delta even more.

  3. People don’t want to fly Delta because the service and food is crap compare to the ME3, which provide better service for a long haul trip

  4. I’m a delta fanboy and loyal medallion. But this video is full of garbage half-truths. “We hate to refer people to other airlines to India” (oh, you mean partners AF and KLM?!). Government subsidies are bad (oh, but not our pensions or US military aid). ME countries have outsized service (oh, and ATL doesn’t? that’s what a hub is…). 1500 jobs per route? (if a gate agent changes from Delta to Qatar, no net job change). They have more widebodies on order than anyone (delta has more planes on order than anyone). Salt in would of delta (has Delta never done that to JetBlue?)

    Just ridiculousness….

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