BREAKING: Delta Adds Fuel Surcharges on Europe Awards Originating in the US

UPDATE: A Skymiles representative has reached out via Flyertalk and has indicated that the surcharges were an error and all surcharges have been removed as was the case before this morning (H/T: edcho).

Historically, US Airlines have never added fuel surcharges on flights on their own metal.  While it is standard practice for European and Asian airlines to impose a fuel or carrier imposed fuel surcharge, this has historically not been the case for flights on US based carriers Delta, American Airlines, and United.  That did change last year when Delta started imposing fuel surcharges on flights originating in Europe but as long as you booked a one way trip from the US to Europe or a round trip starting in the US, you would only be responsible for paying just the taxes.

Unfortunately, as of this morning, it looks that is no longer the case.  As I was pricing out flights for a client, I noticed the following:

Inline image 1

I immediately called the Delta Diamond line to inquire about this change and the agent I spoke to spoke to one of her international ticketing agents and confirmed that this change IS intentional and that they will be imposing fuel surcharges on ALL flights to Europe, not just those originating in the US.

It still looks like Delta is in the “process” of imposing this fuel surcharge as there are still some dates where a fuel surcharges has not yet been implemented.

Here is what Detroit to Rome is pricing on July 21:

Inline image 1

Here is what Detroit to Rome is pricing on July 22:

Inline image 2

If you are looking to book an award ticket to Europe next summer and you see dates with no fuel surcharges imposed on it that match your plan, I would urge you to book immediately because otherwise, you may be out at least ~$150 per person on a one way ticket.  As for the clients I was booking this morning, I called the Delta Diamond desk and pointed out that fuel surcharges were literally added this morning along with the discrepancies in the tax on various dates and after some back and forth with her supervisor, they were able to honor the prices without the fuel surcharges.  Unfortunately, this is not something I can guarantee but definitely worth trying.

Unfortunately, this is NOT surprising behavior with Delta and another reason to not stock up on Skymiles.



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  1. Wow that’s horrible! For Delta to do that with our any warning is just horrible. They don’t publish award charts and now theu want $300 roundtrip in Delta fees on a free award ticket.

    Another reason not to fly Delta.

  2. Years ago when I was a working/flying stiff I flew Delta all the time. I am down to about 45K in my miles account. I live in the southeast and will only fly Delta when they are the cheapest option, and maybe not then if I can get a non stop on someone else. Delta has made their Skymile program the hardest to understand and the most expensive one. I feel bad for those that have alot of Delta miles.

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