5 Hacks To Help You Get Through Security Fast

by Ellery

No one likes the experience of standing on security lines at airports. I think going to the dentist ranks low on experiences people enjoy, but I’ll bet you airport security lines rank even lower. No matter the airport, no matter the airline, no matter the destination, it’s often a frustrating and puzzling situation. And I won’t even mention the women, yes it’s always women, who jump the line by running and rushing and telling everyone they’ve only got 10 minutes to board their plane. At the very least, these five hacks should help get you through the security ordeal faster, and who doesn’t want that, right?

Choose the best overhead bin-sized bag.

All airlines have size requirements, so be sure to check. Attach a luggage tag with your name and information clearly printed on it.

Avoid Fees, Measure Please.

Once your bag is packed, use a luggage scale to check the weight. Check the dimensions in luggage size racks. They differ from airline to airline and also in different airplane configurations.

Streamline through security screenings.

Pack liquids and laptops last so they are easily accessible in your bag. Avoid wearing a belt. Empty all pockets. Wear slip-on shoes.

Be proactive in picking a line.

Have proper ID/Passport and boarding pass in your hand or on your phone when you get in line for the security check. Look for lines that are short and consist of business travelers. Most people tend to turn right, so scope out the security lines furthest to the left. They just might be shorter.

Fit liquids according to the 3-1-1 rule:

Three 3.4 ounce or smaller containers of liquid or gel.
One 1 quart-size, clear-plastic zip-top bag
One bag per passenger placed in a security bin.

Final Thoughts

It never hurts to be reminded of these tips. Maybe these hacks seem simple and you’re already on-board with using them. If everyone was savvy though, the lines would go much faster and offer a smoother experience. And then going to the dentist would once again replace airport security lines at the top of the list!

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