Some good news for Americans this Labor Day, after decades of being labeled the “worst tourists”, several other countries are now taking or sharing in that honor! Mark from Yahoo! shares their list which was compiled by Paula Froelich, Editor in Chief, and a North American Travel Journalists Association Gold Medal award winner.

No, my friends, after traveling the world, I have decided that we Americans get a bad rap. Especially since there are other countries’ travelers who deserve attention for bad tourist behavior. And so I present the top five countries around the world whose tourists make us look good.

Below is the list with a brief snippet for each country, though be sure to check out the full article for full examples as to why each country qualified for the list.

  1. The Russians – Armed with rigid self-confidence and a boatload of rubles, traveling Russians just don’t give a damn.
  2. The Chinese – Chinese tourists’ behavior is so bad, even their own government has commented on it. Vice Premier Wang Yang has criticized the “uncivilized behavior” of certain Chinese tourists, saying, “They make a terrible racket in public places, scrawl their names on tourist sites, ignore red lights when crossing the road, and spit everywhere. This damages our national image and has a terrible effect.”
  3. The Germans – Why can this country not be like Germany? 
  4. The British – Ever since the sun set on the British Empire, the subjects of the queen have been going out, trying to recapture the glory. They show up in former colonies, pale (not their fault — the sun never shines in the U.K.) and ready to rock.  Many get drunk, some even get belligerent, and a few undress.
  5. The Saudis – Though the crown prince is not your normal tourist, Saudis traveling abroad almost all seem to be part of the ginormous royal family, and many hold diplomatic passports, which can allow them to get away with unacceptable tourist behavior.

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Are Americans Really the Worst? 5 Other Countries Whose Tourists Make Us Look Good | Globe Trotting Winos Guide to Frugal Travel August 31, 2014 - 12:43 pm

[…] Are Americans Really the Worst? 5 Other Countries Whose Tourists Make Us Look Good […]

Herbertgzb August 31, 2014 - 7:10 pm

I think Indian would definitely make a position here, along with Chinese….literally Indians take up the whole space taking pictures while Chinese simply ruin the place..
German is mostly fine, however….


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