Berlin Airport: Sex Toy Confused As Grenade, Security Scare Ensues

by John Harper
Sex toy vibrator confused as grenade, shuts down Berlin Schönefeld Airport

Berlin’s Schönefeld Airport Terminal. Image by calflier001 | Wikimedia Commons

Where else but Berlin. What else would cause an airport security evacuation? A sex toy, at Schönefeld Airport, but of course.

Berlin’s second airport — the one formerly in the German Democratic Republic (East Berlin) — was shuttered for an hour Tuesday as airport security confused a woman’s vibrator for a hand grenade.

Thank the journalists at U.K. Independent for bringing us this one.

The debacle lasted roughly an hour. Flights were delayed throughout the afternoon, though. The airport service issued a nonchalant tweet upon conclusion of the debacle:

The offending vibrator was checking in luggage, per The Independent, and passed through an oversized luggage X-ray.

This is the third time a German airport has been evacuated in three weeks. Frankfurt’s mega-hub was evacuated after a passenger side-stepped security. Essentially the same thing happened in Munich late last month.

Berliners must be nonplussed with this confusion. Certainly, this isn’t the first time someone has ferried a sex toy out of the city…

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Ryan L August 8, 2018 - 6:49 pm

So, the real real headline is this: Germany also has morons working in airport security. They found the ‘device’, but meanwhile a story out of Germany reveals the cluster that has become Germany. Nine Somali pirates who were tried and convicted and imprisoned in Germany in 2012 for a 2010 hijacking of a German container ship off the coast of East Africa, have been allowed to stay in Germany after serving their sentence. They were all granted asylum status, and ever since have lived in Germany and collected welfare benefits. This is the insanity found in Germany, UK, USA, and elsewhere in the West. But the real danger, threat is a dildo. You cannot make this stuff up.


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