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Your Dog Pooped on the Denver Airport Floor. The Internet is After You.

There’s a video circulating showing a woman chatting merrily on her cellphone as her dog dispatches a trail of excrement on the floor — of DENVER INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT. Rather than stop to clean up the smelly poo or call for assistance, the subject turns, phone to ear, and flips off a passerby who remarked, “Hey, your…

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How Difficult is the Paris Metro System for English Speakers? – Ask Anything

Getting around a new city can be overwhelming. Foreign languages, jet lag, cultural differences… these all can add up to a frustrating attempt at taking public transportation. Recently, Point Me To The Plane Destinations Expert Sarah Johnson received a question about getting around using the Paris Metro system. Question — ‘Will I have trouble navigating the…

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American Airlines’ New Strategy: Just Give Up — Editorial

An American Airlines 737-800 in Montréal. Photo by Alexandre Gouger, used with permission.

Over the past few months, it appears that American Airlines — the world’s largest airline by passenger volume — has taken a thrifty corporate mentality to a new level. When faced with the possibility of competing with other airlines to satisfy and win over consumers, American now employs the ancient survival strategy used by rodents…

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When Should I Tip In Europe? — Ask Anything

Tipping is a highly cultural practice that varies all over the world. If you’re visiting Europe from abroad, you may be confused as to whether you should — or when you should — tip a waitress, waitor, bellhop or taxicab driver. Recently, Point Me To The Plane Destinations Expert Sarah Johnson got a question about…

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