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Berlin Airport: Sex Toy Confused As Grenade, Security Scare Ensues

Berlin Sex Toy Airport Evacuation Facepalm

Where else but Berlin. What else would cause an airport security evacuation? A sex toy, at Schönefeld Airport, but of course. Berlin’s second airport — the one formerly in the German Democratic Republic (East Berlin) — was shuttered for an hour Tuesday as airport security confused a woman’s vibrator for a hand grenade. Thank the journalists at…

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Don’t Get Caught With Hummus In Your Carry-On

Hummus is not allowed through airport security checkpoints in the United States.

Do you travel with only carry-on luggage? If you do, I congratulate you. I’m not, but I’m heading in that direction. That means learning about the pitfalls of packing lessor-known forbidden items in my carry-on bag. The images of TSA-confiscated carry-on items normally look something like this: But there is a much longer list of…

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TSA Calls Off PreCheck Expansion Search

TSA PreCheck line at Ronald Reagan Washignton National Airport (DCA)

Earlier in the year, TSA announced its goal to expand the PreCheck program to include 25 million passengers, up from the current 3+ million. Part of the effort involved searching for private companies that can help vet and enroll passengers. However, it appears that TSA has decided to abandon the search, due to concerns for increasing…

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Flying Today? Homeland Security System Malfunction Results in Airport Delays

If you were flying yesterday evening (October 14, 2015) between approximately 7pm-9:30pm EST, then boy do I feel bad for you!  A Department of Homeland Security system malfunction in airports across the United States resulted in thousands of passengers being stuck waiting in long customs lines for hours on end. Customs Line at Dallas Fort-Worth Airport…

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Don’t Trust TSA Just Because They Wear a Uniform – Passenger Robbed at JFK

Last week, a TSA agent stole $61 from a passenger’s wallet at a security checkpoint at JFK airport in New York. Joe Bangay, 37, of Queens, N.Y., was working as a screening agent when he stole $61 from a passenger’s wallet, Joe Pentangelo, a spokesman for the Port Authority police, said. The passenger had placed…

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