Still Shopping? More Great Holiday Gifts Under $30

by Shelli

Travelers can be a challenge to shop for because they often have specific items on their shopping list. However, there are still plenty of great, practical, fun items you can get for even the pickiest of them. Yes, it’s possible to find perfect  gifts without breaking the bank.

Whether your traveler is a once in a while traveler, or a wanna be traveler post-pandemic, here are great choices. I’d also suggest that these items are wonderfully useful even when you’re not traveling!

Three more gifts made it into my top 10 because I recently got them for myself, so why not for others? One is a splurge, but oh so worth it.

New Additions to the List

I can’t get enough of my book stand. I actually bought a second one recently so that I could prop two books open at once and refer to them simultaneously. I prefer the kind with metal arms that will hold my pages in place. They also have an adjustable back to position my reading material at a number of angles.

I could not live without my foam roller. My back and hips get really kinked up throughout the day and rolling them out with a roller has been a lifesaver. For just a few dollars on Amazon or any yoga equipment shop, you too can reap the benefits of this game-changer. I can roll out all my knots in a matter of seconds with my foam roller. When possible, I always travel with it and never regret it.

If you’re working from home, it’s time to ditch the headphones and upgrade your audio. I added this Klipsch Heritage Tabletop Stereo to my home office to keep the music flowing and give my ears a break from damaging headphone noise. It connects via Bluetooth or audio cable, and the sound quality is stellar for the money. Plus, it looks beautiful on any shelf.

Great Travel Gifts Under $25

1. Multi-Charging Cable ($8.99)

I’m always jealous when I see someone’s laptop and they seem so organized and efficient, especially with a minimalist cable setup. These CHAFON multi-USB charging cables are a great idea. They are simple and easy to use. Just plug the USB-3 port into a laptop, portable charger, or wall outlet to provide power to multiple devices over USB micro, mini, A, C, or Apple’s lightning. Carrying fewer cables plus charging multiple electronics at once is a great convenience. And if you want to charge using the USB-C port, this converter will do the trick.

USB cables travel gift under $25

Multi USB Cable,CHAFON 6 in 1 USB Multi Charge Cable with Type…..




2. Herschel Travel Pouches 3-Pack ($24.99)

While we’re on a staying organized kick, these travel pouches have great utility. I don’t know about you, but I hate to fumble around in my backpack looking for things. These pouches come in different colors, hold up well, and are perfect for cables and other loose items in your backpack. They are lightweight and come in a 3-pack of sizes with small, medium, and large.

Herschel travel pouches come in 3 sizes

Herschel Travel Pouches, Woodland Camo



3. PortaPow Data Blocker ($12.49)

I’m very computer security conscious so I’m amazed when other people are not. Maybe it’s just that they don’t know how easily and how dangerous it is to be hacked. So many people plug their devices into seats on planes or USB hubs at airports without giving it much thought. These PortaPow block the data line of USB plugs so the plugs transfer electricity and nothing else. Stay protected!


PortaPow 3rd Gen USB Data Blocker (Red 2 Pack) – Protect Against…



4. Portable Humidifier ($15.99)

This tops the list as the item you might not even know existed, but then think who wouldn’t want one. A friend who has major sinus issues told me about this portable humidifier. Hotel rooms can be so dry, but so can your bedroom at home and your home office. I have a friend who travels in his RV for bike races and he got one for his vehicle. For anyone suffering with sensitive sinuses, this makes a great gift. It’s USB-powered, smaller than a can of pop, and even lights up in various colors. Such a clever idea!

Portable humidifier travel gift under $25


MZTDYTL Portable Mini USB Humidifier, 200ml Ultrasonic Cool Mist…



5. Glorious Large Gaming Mouse Mat ($11.99)

When you use a mouse for gaming or anything really, you want your mouse pad to provide EASY mouse movements: no slipping and a smooth surface. You always want to be able to machine wash the pad and have it hold up well. These thin 2 millimeter mouse pads do all that and come in various sizes and at under $25 are a good deal.


Glorious Large Gaming Mouse Mat/Pad – Stitched Edges, Black Cloth…


6. SurviMate Filtered Water Bottle ($21.29)

Are you still using single-use water bottles? And if you’re not filtering water when you travel, well, you could be in for some nasty surprises. Having tried many filtered water bottles, I’ve settled on this one. I found it to be the best filtered water bottle for traveling.

 filtered water bottle travel gift under $25


SurviMate Filtered Water Bottle BPA Free with 4-Stage Intergrated…



Honorable Mentions: Travel Gifts Under $25

You all know how I feel about my BUFF. Never travel without it. It makes the best coronavirus mask, too!

And if you’re not using packing cubes, you’re missing out. I travel a lot. And for me, staying organized lets me have more fun and experience less stress. This particular model, though slightly more than $25 (and on sale now) is expandable, lightweight, and the clear material lets you see what’s in each cube.

I’m sure you’ve noticed that both life and travel take a huge toll on your skin. Annmarie Skin Care products are a high quality, excellent choice for keeping your skin happy and healthy! Right now they have an amazing offer for $19.99 (usually $40) with free shipping in the US and Canada. This offer, The Healthy Skin Care Set, is guaranteed to revive your skin in 7 days—courtesy of four all-natural elixirs proven to reveal radiantly healthy skin.

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