Delta Napkin Debacle 2.0? No, Delta Isn’t Promoting Suicide

by Giovanni

A few months back, Delta was in the news for “creepy” in-flight napkins prompting flyers to write their numbers down and give it to their seatmate crush.

Delta napkins are back in the news this week with their new catchphrase. Some of the napkins say the following: “The world is better with you out in it.” A perfectly natural message from an airline urging people to go out and see the world (and therefore fly more, unless you’re KLM).

But the message is being misread to mean something way more serious.

While this seems to be simply an oversight in terms of clear copy, it’s still not the best look for Delta. A few weeks ago, a passenger attempted to commit suicide by opening an emergency door in-flight onboard a Delta flight.

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Back in February, Delta and  Coca-Cola apologized for “missing the mark” with their flirtatious napkins and pulled them from their flights (although some people defended the napkins and didn’t think they were creepy).

This time, Delta is not apologizing but they did acknowledge the issue replying to the Tweet, saying the napkins were intended to “celebrate people who go out and explore the world.” Luckily, the video they attached gets the message across in a much better way than the napkins:

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