Odorous Fruit Forces Air Canada Emergency Landing In Montreal

by Chris Dong

Durian is a popular fruit in Southeast Asia with a spiky exterior and a creamy, soft interior. Durian’s pungent smell is its most notable feature and one that has incited outrage from passengers before.

That smell has been compared to the likes of things like dirty socks, rotten food and leaking natural gas.

Long before stricter security measures at airports, durian had already got its stinky self banned from most places.  Some people love it, some people hate it. Think of it as the cilantro of the fruit world — but smellier.

An Air Canada Rouge flight going from Montreal to Toronto was forced to make an emergency landing soon after takeoff due to a “strong odor” wafting into the cabin. That odor became so intense that pilots had to don oxygen masks and turned the plane around to Montreal.

Air Canada Rouge Boeing 767

Crew discovered that the culprit was a shipment of durian that was in the forward cargo hold, apparently being shipped to Toronto. The Boeing 767 was carrying 245 passengers and 8 crew members. No one was injured due to the stinky emergency.

It’s unclear who was shipping durian from Montreal to Toronto, two cities not particularly known to be hotbeds for durian production or consumption.

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