How to Get to Cuba Before it Becomes a Tourist Trap

by Michael

Cuba has long been alluring to many Americans, partially because until recently, it was very difficult to go there. Europeans have had the opportunity to vacation there for decades, but due to a plethora of other choices, it never became inundated by tourists.  Many in the industry forecast that to change in the coming years now that the embargo has been lifted and Cuba is open to American tourism.  Much of what is so enticing about Cuba is the fact that it is not a tourist trap, and is full of cars and culture from the 1950s – that it is almost like a trip back in time!

This morning, MarketWatch published an article entitled “How to travel to Cuba before it gets mobbed by Americans“, which discusses all of the ways you can get there now, while it is still captivating, and before it becomes a sea of American tourists. Amongst the many options are humanitarian projects, religious activities, educational activities, professional research, and participating in an athletic event, or making a public performance.

Do you plan to try and get to Cuba with one of these options, and before it becomes a tourist trap?


Michael Prodanovich is a contributor to Point Me to the Plane, and author of The Ultimate Guide to Free Travel.

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