Passenger Claims Airline Employee Assaulted Her After Complaining About Lost Luggage

by Miles Jackson

An American woman was flying with her 13-year old son to Norway to visit relatives.  The woman claims she was assaulted by a Norwegian employee, physically striking her, following a saga of lost luggage complaints. She also claims the airport employee blamed President Trump for lost luggage.

Leah Segedie, who runs the mom blog Mamavation, had flown to Bergen, Norway. She tried in vain several times to contact the airline about her lost luggage after the flight. Segedie says Norwegian would not return her phone calls and messages. In fact, she began tweeting her ordeal to her more than 100,000 followers.

She began to document her tribulations with regular tweets.

Segedie said she could not find clothes in a remote part of Norway where she spent four days. As a result, she was forced to hand wash her underwear daily. Still, Norwegian never responded to her requests for help or the location of her luggage.

A Twitter Storm

She acknowledged that her Twitter posts probably caught the attention — and ire — of the airline.

Segedie believes the social media backlash resulted in the airline flagging her boarding pass with an SSSS code, requiring her to go through additional security screening before being allowed to board the plane back to the United States.

Assaulted by Norwegian Employee

Once she got to London’s Gatwick Airport from Bergen to connect back to the US, Segedie was directed to a Norwegian baggage counter to file a formal complaint.

Now, it was at that point things got even worse. The Norwegian employee apparently scolded Segedie about President Trump instead of processing her complaint. Segedie questioned the employee what Trump has to do with her lost luggage.

Segedie requested the employee’s name and the employee refused to cooperate. She then pulled out her camera and attempted to take a picture of the female airport worker. Segedie claims that is when the employee physically assaulted her, striking her.

“She struck me with her hand and then she started screaming at me that she is going to have me arrested.”

Back at Home, Still No Luggage

Segedie reported the incident to Norwegian employees in the Los Angeles airport. She also claims to have still have a single photo of the assault, despite the fact she was ordered to delete it in London.

To make matters worse, two of Segedie’s checked bags on the return to the US also went missing. Unfortunately, that makes twice in one trip.

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747always August 19, 2019 - 11:35 pm

The horror of washing underwear daily!

Miles Jackson August 20, 2019 - 3:21 am

Still, you have to admit it is a terrible inconvenience not to have your own luggage, personal items and clothing for such a long period of time. This is especially rings true when you are traveling abroad and your replacement items are non-existent.
Travel should be enjoyable and memorable for the ‘right’ reasons. Thanks for reading, 747always.

Dot September 10, 2019 - 9:38 am

I don’t blame her for tweeting etc very frustratiing and then as Europeans and brits do !! They have to trash President Trump but they loved Clinton and OBAMA from past trips
By me over the years


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