Review: Hyatt Regency Tokyo

by Stephen

As mentioned in the introduction to this trip report, we had three nights at the Hyatt Regency Tokyo, which we booked using points. We were also able to apply a Globalist Suite Upgrade at time of booking, which confirmed into an Atrium Suite.

Location In Shinjuku  

The Hyatt Regency Tokyo is located in the city’s very busy Shinjuku district. A bit removed from the action, the property is in a fairly quiet, mostly commercial part of Shinjuku. Indeed, nearly everything within a 5-minute walk was office buildings. That said, an entrance to the Tochomae Station on the Oedo subway line is right across street from the building, and another 15 or so minute walk away is Shinjuku Station. Other than the Tokyo Metropolitan Building (which is right across the street), no other major attractions are in the immediate vicinity of the hotel, and we had to travel a decent amount to get anywhere. The proximity of the subway station, however, did make things a little more convenient. There is, also, apparently a bus service from the hotel to Shinjuku Station, but we were able to get around easily without using the bus.

Hyatt Regency Tokyo Check-In 

We arrived from the airport around midnight and were dumped by the airport bus right in front of the hotel. Waiting at the entrance were several bellhops, who immediately jumped into action upon seeing us. While one held the door open for us, another took our luggage and escorted us into the lobby and to the check-in desk.
lobby hyatt regency shinjukulobby hyatt regency shinjuku
The lobby and atrium of the hotel are large and, in typical Hyatt Regency fashion, give off a very conference-centric hotel feel. At the check-in desk, we were warmly welcomed and thanked for being Globalists. We were by this point exhausted, and to our relief the check-in process was uneventful and efficient. Within a few minutes, we were on our way to our room.

Room Upgrade: Atrium Suite 

The suite upgrade we had applied confirmed into an Atrium Suite. The suite consisted of an entry hallway that split into a living room and the bedroom, with the bathroom being accessible from both the living room and the bedroom.

room hyatt regency tokyoroom hyatt regency tokyoroom hyatt regency tokyoroom hyatt regency tokyoroom hyatt regency tokyoThe bathroom had both a standalone bathtub and a large waterfall shower.
bathroom hyatt regency tokyo
Overall the suite was spacious and comfortable enough for our needs, while the design and decor were understated yet attractive. Unfortunately, we were on a lower floor and the view from our suite was simply of another taller building nearby.

We were greeted by a welcome gift of red wine (a Montepulciano), which was fairly mediocre but nonetheless appreciated.
a bottle of wine on a table

Hyatt Regency Tokyo: Regency Clubregency club hyatt regency tokyo

The club is located on the ninth floor and, like most Hyatt properties in Asia, offers a standard breakfast, tea/snacks throughout the day, and complimentary evening drinks. While I always try to avoid eating too much at the club lounge regardless of where I am, I think Tokyo in particular would be a particularly egregious city in which to skip out on local food in favor of hotel food. As such, we only stopped in the club for a quick breakfast one morning and did not get a chance to sample the daytime snacks or evening cocktail hour. Other reviewers, however, seem to have had good experiences with the non-breakfast offerings.

The breakfast spread, as is often the case at mid-to-top tier Asian hotels, was quite extensive. In addition to plenty of pastries, fresh fruit, cheese, and your standard eggs/waffles/assorted Western breakfast items, there were a number of Japanese options. The quality of the food was what you might expect in an upper-mid range hotel, and while sufficient it was nothing to get too excited about.

On the morning we visited, the club was completely packed and we actually had to wait to be seated. Nearly every single seat was taken, hence the lack of photos. The lounge has supposedly since been renovated, so crowding may not be as much of an issue now as it was when we visited.

Gym And Pool 

While I didn’t get a chance to spend much time in either, the property does have a fairly nice gym with great views of the city and a good amount of equipment, ranging from numerous treadmills and elliptical machines to an almost excessive number of free weights. The pool, meanwhile, is indoors and decently large.


In addition to the Regency Club, the hotel has a number of restaurants as well. Options include several Japanese restaurants, a Chinese restaurant, an Italian restaurant, and a restaurant by famed French chef Michel Troisgros. Again, given that we were in one of the indisputably best food cities in the world, we chose not to eat at any of the hotel restaurants.

The Upshot

Overall, the Hyatt Regency Tokyo is a solid option for those looking for a nice but no-frills property in the city. With a fairly convenient location, good service, solid amenities, and comfortable rooms, the hotel offers everything that one might reasonably expect from an Asian Hyatt Regency. To be sure, this is no Park Hyatt, but for the more cost (or points)-conscious traveler, the Hyatt Regency is a good choice and one that I would personally return to without hesitation.

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Walter May 24, 2019 - 12:29 am

How long ago did you stay at this hotel? Just curious cause I was there in late March and I’m not sure if the club lounge had been renovated yet then.

Also one question, is the extra person fees for the club lounge charged for registered guests on reservations or are those included? As in did you have to pay the extra person fee for your wife to enter the lounge? I was there on my own so Im curious since I am going back with a partner this summer and staying at this property.

Stephen May 24, 2019 - 1:39 pm

This was a stay back in February 2018. Unfortunate that it still hasn’t been renovated.

Registered guests on the reservation are not charged. The fees are only if you bring in other people not on the reservation.

Will June 6, 2019 - 7:28 am

Dang, why couldn’t you stand in a regular room lol for the review. I ain’t got no suite money/status lol


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