Singapore Changi Airport Butterfly Garden – Photo Tour

by Miles Jackson

Singapore’s Changi Airport is a favorite among travelers. It has more things to do than just about any other airport, many of those things are free. Of course, Hello Kitty fans are saddened at the shuttering of the Hello Kitty Café this past February. On my recent trip through Bali, Taipei and Singapore, I spent some time in the Changi airport and searched out the indoor Butterfly Garden and the Koi pond found next door. The airport features fifteen unique gardens placed amongst four terminals. The Singapore airport butterfly garden is located in Terminal 3; let’s take a look!

I recently stayed and reviewed the Hyatt Regency Bali, and offered a mini-guide to Gardens by the Bay, a Singapore top sightseeing spot as well.

Butterfly Garden at Changi

singapore airport butterfly garden

The Butterfly Garden (with waterfall) is located in Terminal 3, next door to the Ambassador Transit Hotel, which is also close to one of the two movie theatres located in the airport.

singapore airport butterfly garden

In this tropical butterfly habitat, you can experience more than 1,000 butterflies among lush greenery and a two-story grotto waterfall. There are educational corners and individual enclosures which will provide information about the life cycle of these winged beauties.

To enter the garden, visitors simply must pass through a doored vestibule which contains plastic chain links hanging down to prevent the butterfly inhabitants from escaping.

Waterfall in an airport

The entire garden is two-stories — entrance is on the upper floor and the exit is placed on the floor below. A staircase which follows along a waterfall leads from the second floor to the main floor.

A two-story waterfall cascades through the garden

There is something surreal about these winged butterflies inside an airport with a glass wall facing all the aircraft that come and go at Changi airport.

It is a great spot to get away from the hustle of an airport for a few moments. The greenery, the waterfall, the beautiful winged creatures and the fresh air all seem to refresh you as you explore.

Some of the inhabitants…

singapore airport butterfly garden





Koi Pond at Changi

singapore airport butterfly garden

(Image: Changi Airport)

After departing the Butterfly Garden, I had to see the Koi pond located just a few steps away. With some greenery (in the form of potted trees) around, plus a small bridge and plenty of seating, the pond is another relaxing place to sit back and people or plane watch.

There is a large glass wall facing the gates outside where planes and people arrive and take off for all parts of the world!

The Upshot

Singapore’s Changi Airport has so much to see and do, it doesn’t surprise me that some people actually fly in to it as a destination. If you are passing through Terminal 3 in the Singapore Changi Airport, be sure to check out the Butterfly Garden and Koi pond.

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What are your favorite spots in the Changi airport? I would love to hear your best bets.

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