Interactive travel guide website triposo (a very handy tool by the way), released the results of their bad behavior abroad survey. Of the 700 respondents from 62 countries, it seems that everyone is in agreement that they get a little crazy when overseas. Just how crazy may surprise you..hopefully most of these people aren’t traveling for work and I’m assuming they haven’t seen an episode of Locked Up Abroad!

Social (Mis)behavior
No hotel room? No problem! Seventeen percent of respondents admitted to hooking up in a public place while abroad. Others indicated that body language was sufficient for intercultural communication, with 16 percent admitting to a hook-up with someone who did not speak their language. Overall, 70 percent of respondents admitted to some sort of fraternization while abroad. Here are our key findings:
  • 25 percent admit to a one-night stand.
  • 6 percent admitted to cheating on a significant other. (Men were twice as likely to cheat.)
  • 5 percent broke up with a significant other.
  • 6 percent admitted to soliciting sex. (All of these respondents were men.)
Drunken Behavior
60 percent of our respondents admitted to partaking in some sort of adventure that was fueled by alcohol. Unfortunately not all of these adventures had a happy ending, as 11 percent admitted that drinking led to hurting themselves or someone else. Others reported drinking led to some unsavory public behavior abroad:
  • 20 percent admitted to urinating in public.
  • 10 percent admitted to vomiting in public.
  • 5 percent say drinking abroad led to naked escapades in public.
Just Plain Bad Behavior
Some respondents told us about illegal or questionable behavior abroad, including more than 20 percent who admitted to stealing while in a foreign country, even if it was just a hotel towel. Other findings include:
  • 15 percent admitted to buying or selling drugs.
  • Almost 14 percent admitted to some form of trespassing.
  • 6 percent admitted to smuggling contraband.
  • Less than 2 percent report being arrested, though more than 10 percent reported being held at the border.

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Nick Knight May 4, 2013 - 2:19 pm

In defense of public urination. There is a huge shortage of places to go. This is becoming a huge problem.

jason May 4, 2013 - 3:34 pm

It depends on where they go. I am sure that places like Mexico, Caribbean, Thailand, Amsterdam or Spain get their awful bad share. Stag parties are very common in Eastern Europe.

But then again, you see places like Scandinavia or Germany where people behave when visiting.

India…the whole place is a dumpster and the locals do their best to ruin it.

Cook May 5, 2013 - 4:12 am

Whatever the specific behavior, if you’d never do it in your mother’s home – or your grandmother’s home, then don’t do it in a foreign country. If you behave like a guest, you’ll be treated as an *honored* guest. Any less and you rightly deserve whatever unfortunate circumstances come your way. Proper – or just polite behavior is not difficult we’ve all learned how to practice it at home, so why not take those skills with us when visiting the rest of the world? Duh?

Brian May 5, 2013 - 7:58 am

I’ve openly witnessed cheating, sex solicitation, urinating, vomiting, & drug selling. Shamely enough-well, actually I’m not that ashamed at all–I’ve participated in trespassing into old castles in the middle of the night and randomly sleeping with quick-to-know strangers. I wouldn’t do the trespassing thing again, but the one-night stands? Why not? 🙂


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