Uber – “Here’s How to Not Get Sexually Assaulted by Our Drivers”

by Adam

After two arrests for sexual assault by Uber drivers in November and December, The Chicago Sun Times reports that Uber is now issuing tips to help its customers avoid getting into similar experiences. The company has put together a “Safe Ride Checklist” which currently can only be viewed by customers in Chicago and Boston (the two cities where Uber driver have been accused of raping passengers).

Under the app change, implemented just in time for New Year’s Eve, a driver photo and license plate number are displayed. An accompanying message urges customers to verify that the photo and license plate match their driver. “Given there have been some accusations… we want to make sure everyone knows how to use the platform in the safest way possible,” explains Chris Taylor, who is the general manager of Uber in Chicago. “Educating people and providing tips on safety is a very responsible — doing nothing would be weak.”

Full article here.

Uber Sexual Assault


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Kim January 2, 2015 - 9:48 am

This is a smart move by Uber. We use the service all the time and love it. I’m not familar with the Chicago case but in the Boston assault, the passenger was asked to pay in cash and even went to an ATM to get the driver money. That’s not how Uber operates and should be a red flag. Because it can be easy to impersonate an Uber driver, this is all sound advice and will protect both drivers and passengers. The stories you don’t hear about are ones like this: My son rececently left his wallet in an Uber car with a friend who had the Uber account. Two days later we had a knock at the door and an Uber driver showed up with the wallet – not a thing was missing. Yes folks needs to be saavy when traveling – that is a given. I hope Uber is here to stay and I’m glad they are educating their customers about common sense safety. I would not hesitate to call an Uber car.


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