Citi ThankYou Premier Retention Call


I signed up for the Citi ThankYou Premier credit card in July of 2015, when it still had its 50,000 ThankYou point sign-up bonus. Now that my one-year anniversary has come around, it was time for my Citi ThankYou Premier retention call to make the decision we all face at this juncture: keep, cancel, or…

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Uber Lost How Much Money In The First 6 Months of 2016?


Yesterday, we discussed some wonderful data analyses that SimilarWeb had conducted of ride-hailing apps around the world. The data showed that Uber was a leader in over 60% of countries with such a service! That’s why the news just reported on by Bloomberg is so shocking. According to a conference call with shareholders and Uber’s head of finance,…

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The Most Popular Ride-hailing Apps in Each Country

Image credit: Similar Web

SimilarWeb tracked ride-hailing apps around the world. This incredible data analysis looked only at Android data and examined what they called reach, which is the “percentage of installs” as well as the number of daily active users. As you likely suspected, the map shows that Uber is a dominant force around the world, with the exception of Asia.…

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