An Airline That Is Inviting Passengers to Join the Mile High Club for a $495 Fee

Flamingo Air has one goal, allowing fliers to fulfill their dreams of joining the mile high club. For a fee of $495, couples are provided with a cushioned couch, champagne, chocolate, and a one hour flight. President and CEO David MacDonald says that unlike competitors (yes, there are other airlines like this one), his airline is all about the romance. Customers include “straight-laced” couples celebrating anniversaries, birthdays, and other events.

“You’ve gotta think romance, not sex. They [competitors] all tried to sell sex, not the sizzle.”

They offer multiple packages from their base in Cincinnati which can be viewed here.

Flamingo Air Romantic Adventure


  1. There was an airline based in Atlanta — it was based at Charlie Brown Fulton County Airport, if I remember correctly — which offered this same service, Adam; and it was far from the only airline to offer this service.

    As I was searching to write an article on this very same story, I stumbled upon article after article pertaining to tips and advice on how to join the “mile-high club” with a more traditional airline.

    I may just write that article…

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