Too Much Isolation Not Good For Penguins Either

by Shelli

One of my favorite sights is a guy in a tuxedo. I know what you thought I’d say. My favorite site is the Eiffel Tower at sunset, the beach in French Polynesia, or the hilly colorful views of Lisbon. But during this time of no travel, it’s funny what follows the words “favorite site”. I do think a tuxedo makes every guy look better. Especially if those guys are penguins!

What a time it is to be a penguin.

Why, you might ask? A group of penguins on land is called a waddle. These lucky penguins took their waddle to visit a museum. I kid you not! When’s the last time you got to visit a museum? In person? I know, huh. That’s why I’m calling this waddle lucky!

Penguins Visit Local Museum to Keep From Going Stir Crazy

Turns out we humans are not the only ones missing social interactions. Penguins at the zoo are missing their interactions with zoo visitors. So an outing was in order. After all, who couldn’t benefit right about now from a morning of culture and fine art?

Penguins visit local museum


The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art in Kansas City, Mo., and the Kansas City Zoo joined forces.  Both the museum and zoo are closed to the public due to the pandemic. The human public, that is. What a FUN field trip for these penguins!

It’s rumored that the penguins enjoyed being spoken to in Spanish as they toured the museum. And they liked Italian art. These penguins have good taste!! I like being spoken to in Spanish when enjoying tapas in Madrid. And who doesn’t like everything Italiano!

You have to watch this video of the penguins as they visit the local museum. It’s priceless. I’m just glad they had the good sense to wear their tuxedos for this special occasion!

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