Molossia: A Perfect Roadtrip Destination With No COVID

by Shelli Stein

Everyone comes from somewhere, right? A nation (and there are 193 of them in the United Nations) is a place, enclosed by borders, where people share common history, culture, and language. Of course, they also share some form of government.

Molossia is a nation, or actually a “micronation” that you probably have never heard of.

Until now.

Where Is and What Is the Micronation of Molossia?

Founded by President Kevin Baugh and “King” James Spielman in 1977, the micronation was first settled in Portland, Oregon. The borders were re-established in 1995 on 1.3 acres of desert in the state of Nevada. Nevada was chosen because it was “nice and dry, and there are not too many bugs” according to President Baugh. They sure do have a fun web presence!

Molossian President Kevin Baugh

Molossian President Kevin Baugh

Photo: Amy Baugh

This micronation has all the essentials we find in the real world: a government (led by the military dictator/president Baugh), treasury system (the currency is chocolate chip cookie dough), military (Navy…never mind there is no water for thousands of miles), post office (for the 33 citizens), and (naturally) a customs office to enforce border concerns. They even have an enemy: East Germany.

Molossia customs booth

Molossia customs booth

Photo: Amy Lombard

When wanna-be micronation founders ask for President Baugh’s advice about starting their own country, he tells them, “‘Learn about other countries, learn about other cultures, learn some history. Because once you get done with putting up that flag and you’ve given it a name, what are you going to do with your country?’ It helps to know how countries work to know how to keep your country active and engaged and interesting and maybe make a difference.”

COVID in Molossia Update

You might be wondering if the pandemic has affected Molossia. After all, they never closed their borders. It’s unclear how the restrictions will impact Molossia’s economy and its currency, the Valora, which can ill afford an economic shock, pegged as it is to the value of chocolate chip cookie dough. President Baugh dismissed fears about the economic impact of COVID-19 on his micronation. “We’re rolling in the dough,” he told Lonely Planet.

Final Thoughts

How can a country that puts a ban on onions and walruses, and has launched their own rocket “manned” by a Mexican jumping bean, not be worthy of a visit?

After reading more about this micronation, how high up on your travel bucket list will you rank Molossia? If you’ve already visited, please let us know how you enjoyed your trip.

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Molossia Travel Bureau (not relly) April 12, 2020 - 4:07 pm

Just to be clear the currency is not actually chocolate chip cookie dough (see below), so don’t bring that with you when visiting Though you can’t tell by the pictures we have 33 citizens, and you must be a full resident to be a citizen. That’s just a little over 1,700 square feet per citizen (sorry – no room for more). I guess that’s why we only let you visit on one particular day a month and stay for three hours.

Email to apply to visit. but we are now closed off due to the corona virus. We’re just 27 miles from Reno.

As to our currency:

The basic unit of currency in Molossia is the Valora (plural: Valora), which is divided into 100 Futtrus (plural: Futtrus). The Valora is linked in value to Pillsbury Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, 5 Valora having equal value to one tube (13 Ba / 30 oz) of Cookie Dough

Shelli April 12, 2020 - 7:45 pm

Thanks for the laugh, Carl! If they change the currency to Peanut Butter cookies, I’m all in!

Molossia Travel Bureau (not really) April 12, 2020 - 4:09 pm



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