United Introduces Modern Screening – Debuts Fully Redesigned Security Checkpoint at Newark

United Airlines today announced a fully redesigned and consolidated security checkpoint experience at Newark (EWR) Terminal C. If you’ve traveled to Europe, you’ll likely recognize these lanes. The redesigned checkpoint, which includes dedicated Premier Access and TSA Precheck security lanes, features 17 automated screening lanes, making EWR Terminal C the first checkpoint in the US to exclusively feature the new lanes.

“At United, we pursue relevant innovation in everything that we do, on the ground and in the air,” said Greg Hart, United’s executive vice president and chief operations officer. “The opening of our fully redesigned, state-of-the-art checkpoint in Newark – New York’s premier trans-Atlantic gateway – continues our commitment to use the latest technology to improve the airport experience for our customers.”

The lanes featured motorized conveyor belts, automated bin reloading, and RFID tags for each of the larger bins. However, my favorite part about these is that you’ll be able to get in front of that slow person / family without looking like a jerk…



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