Flight Attendant Sings Despacito Remix In-Flight…with a few changes

A flight attendant has gone viral with his remix of the Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee, and Justin Bieber hit Despacito. Javier Otero, who works for Ryanair, reinterpreted the song on a flight from Gran Canaria to Sevilla last week in order to sell scratch-off tickets…this is Ryanair after all! He retitled the song Dos Euritos or two little Euros, the price of the scratch-offs.

“I am the one who does the public announcements,” Otero, from the southwestern city of Cadiz, told BuzzFeed España. “And I like to do them my way, with a little grace, so that they are not boring, since in Ryanair they give me a freedom that other airlines do not give its workers.”

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