Video – Most Hotel Safes Can Be Opened w/ Factory Set Admin Password

LockPickingLawyer is out with his newest video and it impacts almost every hotel as the majority of them use safes from Saflok. The YouTube star shows how he locks a safe, attempts to open it with the incorrect password, and then is able to open the safe with the factory set default admin password. Apparently, hotels are supposed to reset the admin password before installing the safes in guest rooms, this one (and likely many others) do not.

“What this hotel did not do is reset the admin password that comes from the factory. If we enter the super user mode that comes from the factory … this hotel safe will open right up,” he says, no original combination required. “If you’re ever in a hotel that has one of these Saflock products, it might be a good idea to make sure that the hotel has reset the administrator password to protect your goods.”


  1. I’d say this is probably 50% on the manufacturer and 50% on the hotel. If a hotel orders 300 safes, you’d think Saflok would be able to customize a master code for that order. If they did that and the hotel neglected to change it, they wouldn’t get embarrassing PR like this.

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