Having Trouble Choosing Delta Comfort+ Seats?

by Shelli

Many Delta Air Lines frequent flyers have had to navigate some complicated changes that make it more difficult to upgrade into Delta Comfort+ extra legroom seats. Choosing these seats can be tricky. Learn how to choose Delta Comfort+ seats for your flights so you don’t miss out.

Longtime Delta Medallion elites are used to getting complimentary access to the extra legroom seating at the front of the main cabin. However, Delta starting implementing changes to its extra legroom seating in 2014. Delta re-branded what was previously Economy Comfort to Delta Comfort+.

Delta Comfort+ seats

Comfort+ seats on a Boeing 737-900ER. Image by Delta Air Lines.

In May 2016, Delta started selling Comfort+ as separate fare class and treating it as a separate cabin. Complimentary booze and upgraded snack baskets followed.

The most relevant change: Delta Medallions can no longer simply select Comfort+ seats on the seat map. Instead, “upgrades” to Comfort+ are now processed the same way as first class.

What This Means To You

This means that many Delta elite flyers are now unable to simply click on the extra legroom seating — advertised as a frequent flyer benefit — when checking in for their flight (Silver Medallions), three days prior to departure (Gold Medallions) or when they book their ticket (Platinum and Diamond Medallions).

A few quick steps will help ensure seating in this upgraded economy section.

Delta Air Lines Comfort+ snacks

Delta Comfort+ passengers get access to a first class-style snack basket and complimentary alcohol. Image by Delta Air Lines.

Comfort+ Seats Must Be Requested As Upgrades, Not Just Chosen

Medallions must take the extra step of “requesting” an upgrade to Comfort+.

In practice, these upgrades almost always clear. It is possible to set your Delta.com profile to automatically request upgrades on any itinerary attached to an elite SkyMiles number.

If you’re unable to select a Comfort+ seat that you think you should be able to, go to your reservations page on Delta.com. Next, click the “Manage Upgrades” link.

When you access a reservation, click the link that says Manage Complimentary Upgrades.

On the upgrades screen, ensure that the Delta Comfort+ upgrade box is checked off.

Be sure you have selected the check mark by “Request an upgrade to Delta Comfort+”.


Delta Limits Comfort+ Upgrade Inventory

Up until 2016, Delta Medallions could always select any available Comfort+ seat within the given availability window. Now, Delta limits Delta Comfort+ upgrade inventory just as they do first class upgrades. This means that some Medallions may not clear into Comfort+ ahead of time.

Those empty seats belong to Medallions, and even Silver Medallions are cleared into Comfort+ on most flights. You may have to wait until you get to the gate, though, to find out where you’re sitting.

Delta Assigns Upgraded Middle Seats

Delta will upgrade unwitting Medallions into middle seats in the Comfort+ cabin.

Be sure to watch the seating chart. If no aisle or window seats are available, some Medallions prefer to “unrequest” the upgrade to Comfort+, and just shoot for a first class upgrade instead.

If you are moved into a middle seat, it’s now possible to move back to a main cabin aisle or window seat on the Delta.com seat map or using the FlyDelta mobile application, but only up until about 45 minutes before check-in.

Delta Comfort+ Seat Map

It’s now possible to move back out of a Comfort+ if unwittingly upgraded to a middle seat (none here on the Embraer 175). Tip: look for exit row seats, which are often available to even Silver Medallions for free as soon as the flight is booked.

Gate agents can move you back, if they haven’t given your previous seat away, so be sure to jump on top of things as soon as possible if you notice your upgrade has cleared into a middle seat. It can be difficult to get back into an existing seat once the boarding process starts.

A good alternative for all Medallions are exit row seats. Those seats often have more legroom than Comfort+ seats, and can be chosen by any Medallion at booking, for free.

If you want to stay in your exit row seat, just remember to uncheck the upgrade box, lest you be sucked up into the gate upgrade process and watch your exit row seat vanish onscreen.

Hope these tips help you understand how to choose Delta Comfort+ seats. Getting the best seat possible, no matter the airline, is always a win!

Shelli Stein is a health and fitness entrepreneur who travels the world in search of culture, food, and fun! Besides contributing to PointMeToThePlane, you can find her at Joy in Movement.



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phil gold July 18, 2018 - 12:12 pm

So annoying. If your upgraded to C+, are you still able to be upgraded to first?

John July 18, 2018 - 4:30 pm

Yes, being upgraded to C+ does not change your standing or eligibility for First Class upgrades.

First Class Upgrade and Comfort+ upgrades are processed in order. Comfort+ first, then First. When I do bookings within the flight week (as platinum) and the ticket immediately clears into both C+ and First, as it often does, I will get two successive upgrade emails, one for C+, then a second for First.

John, Editor – Point Me To The Plane


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