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More than a Year Later, AA Still Trying to Collect Telephone Booking Fees for All Partner Awards


Early last year American Airlines eliminated telephone booking fees in connection to award bookings that included airlines not bookable on the AA web site. This was a great move by American considering that less than half of their partners, including many of their most popular ones, are available for online bookings. The current AA partners…

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This is Why I Am Not a Fan of Speculative Miles Purchases


The only thing worst in the points and miles world than unannounced devaluations are devaluations that absolutely destroy the value of a specific rewards currency. That is exactly what happened this morning with Alaska Airlines for award bookings on partner Emirates. Sure, there are still great redemption options available with other Alaska partners but after…

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American Devaluation – What You Need to Book Now…and what can wait till tomorrow


It’s here…pricing for several American Airlines AAdvantage awards will change tomorrow. Below is a recap once again of awards that are worth booking today as well as a few you can wait to book post-devaluation. 1. First Class Awards to Europe You could argue that business class is good enough for travel to Europe. While that…

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2 Popular AA Awards That You CAN Wait to Book Until After the March 22 Devaluation


Yesterday I talked about five popular AA awards that you should definitely book before the March 22 devaluation. Today it is time to discuss two extremely popular AA awards that you do not have to rush to book before the devaluation. Business Class Awards to Africa Much to my surprise, the award rate for business class awards…

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