After a Moody’s analyst last week suggested that United reconsider its hub operations to improve its financial position, United is clarifying that they have “full confidence in IAH”. “Houston is a vital part of United’s network,” the airline said in a statement. “We’ve continued our commitment here and are excited about partnering with the Houston Airport… Read full article

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In response to yesterday’s post, “What’s Wrong with United Again”, which included a few of United’s second quarter revenue improvements, reader Mary Lillean shares an easily readable break-out of United’s extraordinary expenses for the same quarter.  Most interesting, the ERJ grounding costs, continued compensation costs related to system implementation, and the plan for significant special charges related… Read full article

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It seems like every day there’s another Wall Street analyst telling us what’s wrong with United. Interestingly enough, Wolfe Research’s Hunter Keay and Jared Shojaian have taken the strange move of reissuing their advice to management which was already published back in May of this year: We believe [United Continental] has a structural deficiency relative to peers. We believe this… Read full article

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Almost two weeks after reports of bed bugs surfaced at United Headquarters at the Willis (Sears) Tower in Chicago, the company has been given the all clear as of Saturday night. To be clear, the bed bugs impacted only the corporate headquarters and were not discovered on any flights. However, bedbugs were found on a Swiss… Read full article

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I somehow missed this story from earlier in the week. I know from my own personal experience with United customer service that their email replies are extremely generic and rarely address the actual concerns noted in my correspondence. On more than one occasion, I’ve responded back asking if they actually read my email or simply sent me… Read full article

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Passport scanning via the United mobile app has arrived. UA implemented the ability to scan and verify your passport directly from the mobile app earlier this week, allowing you to head straight to security. According to the press release, once you’ve scanned your passport with your iPhone or Android camera, the app sends the details to credentials management company… Read full article

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Imperial Capital analyst Bob McAdoo downgraded United yesterday, saying it will take the carrier years to catch up with its competitors and recommended that the Dulles hub be closed. His chief arguments are the overlap with Newark (EWR), located 230 miles north and the fact that “local passengers prefer flying from DCA”.  Hmm, 230 miles is a long… Read full article

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The Association of Flight Attendants celebrated as United’s no-booze policy (implemented only 24 hours earlier) was canned. I first posted about the disagreement late last May but just discovered that the follow-up post a day later was mistakenly restricted. Thanks again to John from Brg for sharing: A rule banning attendants from possessing alcohol while… Read full article

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It’s time to find a new CEO who understands how to run an airline, not just make excuses for his failures No one else has a greater financial stake in United Airlines than the collective stake of our pilots. Our careers should not be jeopardized by the worst senior management in the airline industry. We have absolutely… Read full article

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The Fidelity promos for AA, DL, and UA have been around for some time and offer an easy way to earn up to 50,000 bonus miles for depositing $100,000 in a new or existing account each year. Back in 2010/2011, the promos were extremely lucrative as you could double-dip by signing up for more than… Read full article

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United Airlines is preparing to launch a brand-new service for in-flight movies that will be exclusive to Apple’s iOS devices. The service will allow passengers to stream around 150 movies and 200 TV shows to their devices completely free while mid-flight. United plans to start rolling out the service as soon as April for some flights. The hardware… Read full article

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