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United Finally Matches Competition, Offers 2 Free Checked Bags on Flights to China and Hong Kong

A United 777-300ER. Source: United

This is a minor news of sort, though I thought is something worth highlighting. For a while now, there is an interesting quirk in United’s baggage policies for passengers in Economy. Flights from China and Hong Kong to the US receive 2 free checked bags, but flights to China/Hong Kong only get one checked bag.…

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Was 2017 Fatal For International First Class?

The full range of Casper products in American Airlines long-haul First Class. Source: American Airlines

For all the attention poured on new business class cabins in 2017, airlines did not bestow so much favor on international first class cabins. Though heavyweight luxury carrier Emirates and Singapore launched much improved first class suites onboard their long-haul jets, enthusiasm for the private, front end of the plane waned among just about everyone…

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Five Terrifying Emergency Landings In 2017

The year came and went with no fatal commercial passenger jet crashes, an exceptional performance in an exceptionally safe industry. That didn’t mean passengers weren’t left holding their breath at times. Commercial aviation remains the safest mode of transportation worldwide — by far. But any incidents involving emergency landings and commercial airplanes raise eyebrows. Air…

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Points And Miles Devaluations Accelerated in 2017, A Trend Unlikely To Change

The pace at which airline miles are losing their redemption value accelerated in 2017 by most frequent flier accounts. While overall valuations have yet to catch up, two sneaky and previously undisclosed valuations at Delta Air Lines should be cautiously considered a bellweather for a much more austere future in points and miles redemptions. Delta’s…

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2017 in Review: Better Voluntary Bump Compensation

United is raising the limit on compensation offered to passengers who volunteer to make alternative arrangements.

With devaluations, Basic Economy expansion, more fees, or even #PRFails, we often focus on the cutbacks and failures in the aviation industry. But of course, many of these negative events or changes have led to public outcry or widespread coverage. These reactions often highlight an existing problem, and airlines have been implementing some positive changes…

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U.S. Airlines Left The 747 Behind in 2017; What They Replace It With Matters

United Airlines' Boeing 747. Source: United Airlines

There’s been a lot written in 2017 on the maligned and anticipated retirement of the Boeing 747 from U.S. airlines this year. A big driver of coverage (including this author’s) has been the nostalgia around the plane, which has afforded fliers an incomparable experience of grandeur and comfort since its introduction nearly 40 years ago.…

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2017 Was A Great Year For (Cash Paying) Business Class Fliers

Perhaps 2017 was the year that business class began to eclipse previous conceptions of premium service, surpassing first class service U.S. fliers anticipated less than a decade ago. Three dramatic developments did not fail to impress even the most cantankerous fliers. United’s much anticipated (and on most routes still anticipated) rollout of the new Polaris…

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United Launching San Francisco to Tahiti Service! Award Availability Ehh

Good news (?) for those looking to redeem points / miles to Tahiti, United will be launching non-stop service from San Francisco (SFO) to Pape’ete (PPT), the capital of Tahiti, the South Pacific’s gateway to more than 118 islands in French Polynesia including Bora Bora, Moorea, the Marquesas and Raiatea beginning in October 2018 through March 28, 2019.…

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United PR Chief Resigns

Jim Olson, SVP of Corporate Communications for United, is stepping down as of January 8, 2018. Source: United

It’s hard to look back at this year in the commercial aviation industry and not mention about United’s infamous incident surrounding Dr. David Dao. Heck, the incident even has its own Wikipedia page. United got a lot of heat for handling the situation terribly, from not having customer-friendly policies in place, to literally dragging the passenger…

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