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United’s VP Network Gives Revealing Interview – Answers to IAD, LAX, EWR/JFK P.S. Swap, & New Planes

Brian Znotins

Brian Znotins, vice president of network for United and the individual in charge of the carrier’s network strategy group, sat down for an interview with Benét J. Wilson of Airways News to discuss a wide-range of topics. He answered questions on when the Boeing 777-300s and A350s are expected to join the fleet and what routes…

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This Great Pic Says It All – Pimps, Money Laundering, Drunks, and Coke Mules at Delta, American, United, & JetBlue


There have been a lot of airline employees behaving badly lately and this summary graphic from Trolleydolly does a great job of summarizing their crimes. Delta:  Delta employee arrested with more than $282,000 in backpack American:  American Airlines Pilot Who Authorities Say Failed Breathalyzer Test Is Charged United: United Airlines Pilot Busted for Running Brothels – “Pilot…

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US Airlines at War With Each Other Over Flights to Cuba


If you thought U.S. airlines would peacefully divide the rights for commercial flights to Cuba among themselves, think again. The Los Angeles Times has put together a summary of the accusations U.S. airlines are making against each other as they fight for the rights for these routes. These are some of those accusations: In Delta’s…

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United Airlines Pilot Busted for Running Brothels – “Pilot Pimp” as per the NY Post!

Screen Shot 2016-03-26 at 4.08.43 PM

In case you missed the story on Thursday, a United Airlines pilot was arrested on charges of promoting prostitution and engaging in criminal activity. The pilot ran a total of six brothels across Houston, with at least 20 women working for him as prostitutes. They women would reportedly pay him $400 a week. #whateverittakesfriendly #rightplacerightimefriendly

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American, Delta, & United Provide Belgium Updates – Details on Arriving Flights from US

American, Delta, and United have provided statements on the horrible attacks that took place this morning in Belgium. United provided details on their arriving flights from IAD and EWR while Delta gave updates on their flights from ATL and JFK. Meanwhile, American confirmed that their check-in area was not hit as part of the attack…

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United’s New CEO Steps In…Flight Attendant Deal Near, plus Former Continental Boss Supports Munoz

Two interesting United Airlines related articles from The Street. First, could there soon be a deal with flight attendants after five years of fighting? The president of the Association of Flight Attendants says it’s on the horizon within the next few months thanks to new CEO Munoz. “Oscar has an actual vision for the airline: It’s…

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United to go 10 Across on Select 777s, Recliners go Lie-Flat in First! 747 Retirement Official and New 737 Order


The rumors were accurate, United will update 19 of its 74 B777 planes with 10-abreast seating in economy as per USA Today. The change will ONLY impact domestic flights, mostly to Hawaii, which will now see a 3-4-3 configuration instead of the current 2-5-2 set-up. Total seats on the modified UA 777s will increase from…

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