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Delta Using UA’s JFK-LAX/SFO Slots…for LAX/SFO with a few widebodies


Yesterday, United announced that they were completely withdrawing from JFK in October and moving their p.s. transcontinental flights to Newark. As part of the move, United agreed to trade its JFK slots to Delta in exchange for Delta slots at EWR (pending regulatory approval). When the announcement was made there was no word from Delta on how…

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About that UA Hacker…He Flew the Plane Sideways…so he claims

Tweets UA Hack

That hacker (security researcher) who made headlines a few weeks back for hacking into one of United’s in-flight entertainment systems apparently used his access to fly the plane sideways according to an FBI search warrant. The FBI affidavit states that he used his access to issue a climb command, turning the plane sideways. From UPI:…

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United Awarding Up to 1 Million Miles…as Bounty for Security Bugs

Companies all over the world offer Bug Bounty Programs, where they award security researchers (or sometimes just general users) for finding security bugs on their websites. Security bugs are errors in computer systems or programs that could create potential vulnerabilities. Facebook, for example, offers at least US$500 for each new security bug identified. Well, now United is doing the…

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United’s Brand New Website – Quick & Modern…What do you think???


Yesterday, United officially unveiled the public beta version of their updated site, which select MileagePlus members have already been testing for the last few months. If you use the United App, you should already be familiar with much of the functionality. What are your thoughts? I always liked the award search functionality on UA/CO more so than any other…

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Passenger Sues United for $5 Million Over Non Functioning In-Flight Entertainment

Forget the $50-$200 voucher for non functioning in-flight entertainment…how about a $5 million lawsuit! On a flight from San Juan, Puerto Rico (SJU) to Newark (EWR), passenger Cary David paid $7.99 for DirecTV seat-back access but claims it only worked during the final few moments of the flight. According to Yahoo (thanks Mark for sharing),…

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Trip Report & Review – United Global First Lounge Hong Kong – The BEST United Lounge?


If my United Global First Lounge experience in Washington-Dulles hinted at one thing, it was that I am usually very skeptical when it comes to the products that United offers. Sure, it’s the airline I fly the most and it gets me from point A to point B safely, but neither the hard nor the…

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Update on United’s “Free Hotel Room” Perk for International Flights

Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 3.24.03 PM

Two days ago we reported on a little known benefit for those traveling to Europe in United’s BusinessFirst and GlobalFirst cabins, whereby United provides a place for arriving passengers to freshen up with a shower. Since United does not have many arrival lounges in Europe, many times, this translates into access to a hotel room upon arrival.…

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Little Known Perk: United Will Pay for a Hotel Room on Arrival from International Flights

Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 12.22.48 PM

Here’s a perk that isn’t reported on all that often but is a pretty solid amenity… Not every airline operates aircrafts that feature a shower onboard (well, the vast majority don’t), though some airlines, like Cathay Pacific, offer arrival lounges at their hubs or focus cities. However, in most cases, if you arrive at a destination without an arrival…

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