U.S. Veterans Share Their Best Travel Advice

As you know, today is Veteran’s Day.  In honor of today, Yahoo Travel asked some of our nation’s veterans for the best travel advice they can offer.  I would certainly consider our military servicemen and women to be some of the more experienced with respect to travel (both domestic and international).


Their advice?

Neil Murphy (a retired lieutenant colonel with the U.S. Marine Corps):

The first thing to pack is “an open, communicative and curious mind. Be smart and security-minded, but don’t let your concern with those items prevent you from ‘seeing’ the world.  A smile opens doors everywhere.”

Kasey Jorgenson (a U.S. Navy veteran) says:

Always have fun, but “don’t get stupidly drunk. That’s how you get taken advantage of. If you are out in a new place, keep your wits and stay vigilant.”

Alex Horton (a U.S. Army veteran) says:

“I think the most important thing I learned, from my deployments and traveling around Latin America, is that everything you need can fit in two bags and if it can’t you’ve packed too much stuff.”

And finally, Kristen Rouse (Army National Guard) encourages travelers to:

“Prioritize relationships and experiences when it comes to food.  But keep a small stash of Pepto with you, too.”

All of the tidbits mentioned above are ones I would agree with (though I would even go so far as to say that everything you need can fit in 1 bag!).  However, I will have to personally disagree with a comment made by Kasey Jorgenson.  He says “Be polite, especially when eating out and when traveling via taxi. There is a good chance that these people don’t like you and that has to be okay.”  I would say that there is a good chance that these people will like you, and that should be your attitude.  In my travels, I have encountered far more people who were friendly and willing to go out of their way to help me, rather than people who disliked me from the get go.  Sure I have encountered my fair share of unhappy people in my travels, but you are just as likely to run into these people in your hometown on the morning commute.

Are there any travel tidbits you have come to value?

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