Will President Trump Close Air Travel Between Mexico & The US?

by Miles Jackson

On Friday, President Trump threatened to close the border between Mexico and the United States or large sections of it next week, if Mexico does not halt illegal immigration “immediately.

Naturally, the threats came via tweets.

The Tweets

Trump’s barrage of tweets most likely are referring to the swell of mostly Central American families crossing the border into the U.S. through Mexico. Many of these people crossing the border are asylum seekers looking for refuge.

Air Travel Between US & Mexico

Since Trump mentions closing borders, that would also theoretically affect air travel. Would this also close commercial air traffic between the two nations?

The White House didn’t officially respond to that question, nor the specifics of the president’s possible action. Regardless, a closure would have a heavy impact on the economy, and Mexico could retaliate by refusing U.S. Passport holders entry (or even transit) through its airports.

If you transit through Mexico (on your way to a third country), you still have to be processed as if you were entering Mexico and then proceeding onwards to your connecting flight. If Mexico barred entry to U.S. passport holders, those passengers with connecting flights onward could be left stranded.

The Upshot

At this point, I would suggest that travelers with scheduled air travel or impending plans through Mexico to keep a watch on developing events. As per the norm, it could be just be another Trump Tweet-storm that holds zero legitimacy.

Aeromexico’s poignant ad from a couple of years ago about borders couldn’t be more relevant even today.

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